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     "The cross I've had to bear is that I'm overemotional, a tinderbox ready to explode.
     "I'm a compulsive obsessive. I pick something up and don't let go until I enjoy whatever I can get out of it. But it's easy to get comfortable and safe. If anything's surprising, it's that I stayed where I was in Priest for so long. The excitement is in seeing new things evolve.

    "From my earliest days to this moment, all that's been in my head is to make the best use of the experience, not where to put the next gold album on the wall. Cynicism doesn't serve any purpose. Whether you're on a big stage or in a garage playing badly, there's got to be the love of the music."
- Rob Halford, A SMALL DEADLY SPACE Press Kit, 1995


Fight L-R:
Brian Tilse: Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Piano
Scott Travis: Drums
Jay Jay: Bass
Rob Halford: Vocals
Mark Chaussee: Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Management: John Baxter, EMAS


I Am AliveMouthpieceLegacy Of Hate
Blowout In The Radio Room
Never AgainSmall Deadly SpaceGretna Greene
Beneath The Violence
Human Crate
In A World Of Mine Own Making

Hidden Track:
Psycho Suicide

Japan Bonus Track:
Acid Test

  • Released April 14, 1995 by Sony Music Entertainment UK (UK Cat. # 4784002) and April 18, 1995 by Epic/Sony Music Entertainment (US Cat. # EK 66649) and (JPN Cat. # ESCA-6211)

Produced by Attie Bauw and Rob Halford
Executive Producer: John Baxter
Engineered by Attie Bauw
Mixed by Attie Bauw with Rob Halford
Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering
Recorded at Attie Bauw Studios (Studio Bauwhaus), Amsterdam, Holland; Skip Saylor Recording, Los Angeles, California; Vintage Recorders, Phoenix, Arizona

Chart position: Billboard 200 #120
Nielsen SoundScan: 67,253 units sold

     "This new release is a great one. Because it went so well, I know that we are all itchy to get back late this year, and put together what could be our opus. The new release is going to be a hot commodity out of the box. I'd like it to be, but the band is still finding its audience.
     "I listen to new Fight songs the day they've recorded the music. I then tell them what's working. Or if it is incomplete, I'll wait until they've polished and feel comfortable about it; usually, a day or two goes by, then I'll grab it. I'll talk to Rob about the grooves, and then Rob goes to the band and puts down some rough vocal ideas. The other members of Fight contribute significantly to the song ideas."

- John Baxter, live chat, April 30, 1995


  • I Am Alive released as a promo-only CD in 1995 by Epic/Sony Music (US Cat. # ESK 7085).

  • Blowout In The Radio Room released as a promo-only CD in 1995 by Epic/Sony Music (US Cat. # ESK 6949).

Another song was planned for a surprise B-side, but having never seen the light of day, it now remains a mystery:

     "There is one cool B-side for A SMALL DEADLY SPACE that no one knows about. I think I'll wait and slam dunk you later. It'll just suddenly appear on radio."
- John Baxter, live chat, April 30, 1995


     "The labels fund the videos. A good recording agreement will have a dollar amount listed to cover the video issue. Our video budget: At least 100K."
- John Baxter, live chat, April 30, 1995
  • Blowout In The Radio Room

     "On 'Blowout', I chose the director, went along with his location, edit, and so forth.  We may have a B version of 'Blowout'. We'll see though. We have much great footage left."
- John Baxter, live chat, April 30, 1995

Another video was considered but with the changing face of the music video industry, it never came to be:

     "The next video may be 'I Am Alive'. But if MTV doesn't come to the Fight party, then I don't see a need to produce another video until the demand returns."
- John Baxter, live chat, April 30, 1995

Also, stay tuned for the possibility of an official Fight DVD in 2005:

     "Jay Jay is gonna contact Epic about puttin' a Fight DVD together. If they won't mrket it, he'll throw somthing up anyway. He told me he's got a box full of Fight vids, live and studio."
- JP_AUS, Halford Quorum, November 26, 2004

Fight, the band formed by Rob Halford after he left Judas Priest, are planning to release a DVD. TotalRock understands that this would concentrate on live footage shot around the time of the band’s first album, 1993’s WAR OF WORDS. There’s even talk of the original Fight line-up getting back together to record a couple of new songs for the project. Fight split up after their second album, A SMALL DEADLY SPACE, released in 1995.
- Malcolm Dome, TotalRock, December 21 2004


Cover Artist: R. Cratty
Sony Art Director: Stephen Walker
Photography: Neil Zlozower and Danny Clinch

Artist R. Cratty had previously assisted with the cover layout on WAR OF WORDS and Sony art director Stephen Walker was art director for the MUTATIONS EP, while manager John Baxter gave final approval for the new logo:

     " I may change the logo. I like this one though. I had to have the artist bring in a lot of painted characters which spelt FIGHT before I was happy."
- John Baxter, live chat, April 30, 1995

      "The album cover is too deep to discuss in the time allotted, but I hope you all dig it."
- Rob Halford, live chat, April 30, 1995

Early 1995: Changes in a small deadly space

By 1995, changes were in the air: Having faced the departure of two guitarists in 1994 (Russ Parrish and replacement Robby Lochner), the position was finally filled by former The Coupe De Grace guitarist Mark Chaussee, who hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chaussee was discovered through a tape he sent to Halford's management:

     "We put Mark in a tight situation - pretty cruel actually. We stuck him in a small studio and said, 'Play'. He was great."
- Rob Halford, A SMALL DEADLY SPACE Press Kit, 1995

Mark Chaussee

Another change was that unlike the songwriting of the debut album, the follow-up was a complete band effort...

     "On the first album, the band took what I had and embellished it, but it was a Rob Halford record. A SMALL DEADLY SPACE is a cohesive piece of work, and the band is a band in the truest sense."
- Rob Halford, A SMALL DEADLY SPACE Press Kit, 1995

The collaborative sound would prove to be far removed from any Priest numbers, and even a bit of a departure from WAR OF WORDS. The music took on a different vibe: Gone were the trademark Metal God screams and fiery guitar solos of the past; in their place were dark heavy pieces and atmospheric experimental pieces, and only one "radio-friendly" song ("Blowout In The Radio Room"). Some say the album was such a departure as to hint at the next step Rob would take on his musical journey a couple years later...

Yet the truth is, A SMALL DEADLY SPACE has as much to do with the sounds of Jay Jay and Brian Tilse more so than any future project of Rob Halford. In fact at this point, Fight was unique among aggro-metal bands because of the cleaner dynamic voice of Rob Halford and the pop sensibilities and melodies that 20 years in metal success afforded him to introduce into the mix.

A SMALL DEADLY SPACE truly stands out from the metal pack to come before or since, yet to this day, many Priest and Fight fans have mixed feelings as to the album's brave direction, but Rob defends Fight's decision to go against a "pigeon-holed" idea of metal:

     "Everyone's too concerned with the word metal. It was never all leather-and-studs. Metal exists in 1995 in many shapes and forms, and means more now than when it began. Like punk, metal's essence - its power, volume, and aggressiveness - is everywhere. But now it's seen in a different light by a different generation with a different experience.
     "Metal is about doing what you want to do in your life, free of conformity. It's bands speaking their minds, not 'I love you, baby.' It's opening up, getting something off your chest. If you're sixteen and pissed off, that will never change."

- Rob Halford, A SMALL DEADLY SPACE Press Kit, 1995

After a brief three-month tour, it was clear to Rob and the rest that another change had come: The metal music scene was being pushed underground by the music industry as grunge and alternative came to the forefront in the mid '90s, and demand for Fight was waning. The tour that was planned to carry into 1996 came to an abrupt end in the summer of '95 and Fight returned home to the drawing boards again...

FALL 1995: Fight comes to an end

The enthusiasm of a new release had Rob seeing a bright future for Fight:

     "There will be more than three albums from Fight, but Epic has to get more money if they want us for six more albums."
- Rob Halford, live chat, April 30, 1995

And in late '95, Rob Halford began to write for a third Fight album that was never finished nor presented to the band:

     "I was writing for the third Fight record that was never made. I actually have thousands and thousands of bits and pieces in my studio in Phoenix, so much material; I go in there and the room is full of tapes and DATs, there is so much stuff in there..."
- Rob Halford

     "There was never plans for a third fight record and we had no songs written for it."
- Brian Tilse, via email, November 20, 2004

It is hard to say what direction the third Fight album would have taken. The main riff to "Screaming In The Dark" on Halford's LIVE INSURRECTION in 2001 was a hold over from the third Fight album and reveals a return to the more familiar screaming metal Rob was famous for. But Rob also teamed up with a couple other musicians and some pieces born in that period were quite different from anything Rob had ever done previously:

     "Well, I think that the Fight moment was just an extension of where I was determined to go next after leaving Priest. I just wanted to hook up with musicians that were working from a different generation, a different perspective of their metal feel. I'm always inspired by the things that go on around me in the metal world. So when I hooked up with Jay Jay and Brian and Mark and Scott, we had a blast together. Yeah, it was another style of metal. I don't know how you want to determine the label that gets put on everything these days, but it was in that metal area. I had a good time with it, but it was coming after the SMALL DEADLY SPACE release that I met up with Bob Marlette and John Lowery, the guitar player. As I became involved with those guys, the Fight thing just went into the background. You know, in these years since the early '90s, literally anything could happen. I just gave myself a complete open mind to anything that came my way, because that's what I wanted to do. So when I met with Bob and John, that's when we put together the original tunes that eventually made it onto the Two release."
- Rob Halford

There were also ideas being considered for a possible Fight video package that may still see the light of day in the near future as a DVD:

     "A video tape is a great idea. Maybe it will happen. Footage is stockpiling."
- Rob Halford, live chat, April 30, 1995

     "Some of my footage is funny, some XXX."
- Jay Jay, live chat, April 30, 1995

     "Have you seen any of Jay's footage? I don't think all of it is G-rated. Seriously, I would love to use some of Jay's footage."
- John Baxter, live chat, April 30, 1995

     "Rob and I have been talking that through. We'll create a separate package for the Fight years. I feel the Fight material warrants some attention."
- John Baxter, online chat, August 16, 2003

Whatever the approach might have been for a next Fight album and possible video, before Rob could develop his ideas, Epic Records dropped Fight for lack of demand. Rather than fight a disinterested music industry, the band members reached a decision to disband and move on...



Ever since moving from Ohio, Jay Jay has been quite active in the Phoenix, Arizona and west coast metal scene. In April 1993, Jay Jay formed the "heavy, semi-industrial, with a slight dance groove" Satanic Industries Ltd. (S.I.L). At that time, bassist Jay Jay was a member of Fight, The aggro-metal band fronted by ex-Judas Priest front man Rob Halford. In these early days, S.I.L had to budget their time between Jay Jay's touring and guitarist Goody's ongoing work as a soundman for Sepultura. Goody has traveled the planet many times over working in various capacities as a guitar tech, tour, stage and production manager and as a soundman with bands such as Sepultura, Sacred Reich, Flotsam And Jetsam, and Biohazard. Guitarist Cristin landed a deal with Mammoth Records in a band called Bigshot Allstar, but after Mammoth downsized, the All-stars had no deal. Rounding out the band was Josh Eber on drums and percussion.

Together, they released the self-titled SATANIC INDUSTRIES LTD.


Nuclear 19
Your Fear
Sex Nut

Recorded and mastered at In Your Face Studios, Phoenix AZ
Produced by Michael "Vain" Karpiak & Satanic Industries Ltd.
Engineered by Michael "Vain" Karpiak, Darrin Morphus & Mike Keskee
Mixed by Michael "Vain" Karpiak

So just how does S.I.L compare to Fight?:

     "Rob is the singer for Fight, and I'm the singer in S.I.L...
     "O.K. Musically, the stuff is a little heavier than Fight. With some samples."

- Jay Jay, live chat, April 30, 1995

     "I don't have anything to do with S.I.L. Jay keeps telling me he'll bring 'round a tape. He's excited for me to hear it."
- John Baxter, live chat, April 30, 1995

At one point, Jay Jay was part of a band called Pack 666, and this photo of Jay Jay is supposedly from a stint with a band called Beelzebub. Note it shows him wearing the same 666 shirt he wore during the 1994 Fight tour:

Jay Jay in Beelzebub Jay Jay in Fight circa 1994

Brian Tilse was said to be in a band called Tilt.

Jay Jay teamed up with Brian Tilse again in 1997 and formed Vent:

     "Vent- featured myself, Brian Tilse (Fight), Tim Radswell (Stuck Mojo), and Don Juan. It was a unique heavy style of music definitely in a category by itself. Unfortunately, Vent broke up. It was a great band that ran from 1997 to 1998."
- Jay Jay, House Of Jay Jay, October 8, 1999

After Vent, both Jay Jay and Brian found themselves frustrated with the music industry's lack of interest in heavy metal and they parted ways, each going to other interests. Jay Jay was now working for a Phoenix, Arizona tattoo shop called Artistic II, and in 1999, he did some personal artwork for Slayer, working on T-shirt designs for their '99 Ozzfest tour, as well as doing guitarist Kerry King's tattoos and designing the tribal pattern for Kerry's custom B.C. Rich guitar:

Kerry King tattoos, Slayer shirts and tribal guitar art by Jay Jay

In the meantime, Brian Tilse moved to a farmhouse in the Midwest and continued to develop his unique guitar sound and unorthodox style, to be called upon by Jay Jay once again a few  years later...

S.I.L logos and art by Jay Jay

In 2001, Jay Jay and S.I.L (now going by the name of Sin Industries Ltd.) returned to the studio with new drummer Rich Contadino, who had previously worked for Fox and Dreamworks as an animation artist. The result was GOING TO CHURCH


Going to Church
Dope Peddler

Released October 23, 2001 on Triple X Records

     "Industrial textures, monster guitar riffage, and snarling vocals. Rising from the hellish heat of Phoenix is Sin Industries Ltd."
- RIP Magazine, January 2002

The musicians decided to put all their effort on taking Sin Industries Ltd. public, and the result is this riveting CD GOING TO CHURCH, which is among the heaviest things to come out in months. Along the way, the band has opened for Slayer, Sepultura, Clutch, System of a Down, Napalm Death, Downset, Sacred Reich, Filter and Fear Factory.
- Official Sin Industries Ltd. website, 2002

Sin Industries Ltd. are currently signed to Stephen Pearcy's (Ratt) Top Fuel Records.

In early 2004, Jay Jay and Brian Tilse met again for a brief stint in the six-man Ohio band Lollipop Lust Kill:


Guitarist Brian Tilse and bassist Jay Jay from Rob Halford's post-JUDAS PRIEST outfit FIGHT have officially joined LOLLIPOP LUST KILL.

LOLLIPOP LUST KILL recently parted ways with Artemis Records and are currently writing and demoing new material in hopes of securing a new record deal and releasing their sophomore full-length CD later in the year.
- Blabbermouth
(Thanks: Cristobal Lagos), January 15, 2004

    "They both bring a lot of experience and really were a perfect fit right from the beginning. If you wonder why Evvy and Knits have been so excited about the music lately, it's because we all feel it's that good. The creativity and chemistry has never felt this strong before and we should hopefully have a lot of new material to play for you real soon. As far as keyboards go, Bret Haupt is going to be working alongside me and Jay Jay, so you should expect a lot more electronics and keyboards on the new material. Bret has worked with us on MY SO-CALLED KNIFE and I'm very excited about writing the next album with him.
     "I hope you all can understand that we have always been about growing and changing but at the same time we understand what we are. All three have been chosen because we feel they want to go the same direction we do, and can help us make the best Lollipop Lust Kill ever."
- Pill, guitarist,
Megarock Radio, January 15, 2004

Out of this venture, during the winter of '04, Jay Jay and Brian recruited Lollipop Lust Kill drummer Chris "Knits" and formed a new band called Glass Pipe Suicide:

Hmmm. Now where have
I seen this one before?

Chris, Jay Jay and Brian

The trio had the original sound they were looking for, now, all that was needed was an original name to go with the music. Realizing that most of their lyrics dabbled in death, drug abuse, and self- hatered, they arrived at the name GLASS PIPE SUICIDE. Delivering unbelievably low tuning, dizzying string bends, and methodically syncopated heavy rhythms, overlaid with distorted demonic screams, sick lyrics, and catchy melodic hooks, the music definitely speaks for itself. Combine this music with the dark moody modern artwork of JAY JAY , and THIS is an act that can not be denied!
G.P.S. is here to stay!
- Glass Pipe Suicide official website bio, November 2004

Jay Jay, Knits and Brian as Glass Pipe Suicide

Former Pantera and recent Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell was highly instrumental in inspiring the musicians of Fight in their musical direction and performance. On December 8, 2004, tragedy struck when a deranged man walked across the front of the stage at a Damageplan show in the Alrosa Villa nightclub in Columbus, Ohio and shot Dimebag Darrell Abbott 6 times at point blank range, killing the metal legend. Jay Jay was deeply shocked and saddened by the sudden death of his close friend whom he had the honor of doing a shoulder tattoo for:

Dimebag Darrell will be missed by many people both in the metal community and elsewhere, as he was a person who knew how to touch the heart even before setting the head to banging! R.I.P Dime, 1966 - 2004.


Mark Chaussee recorded BLACKACIDEVIL with Danzig in 1996, but left before the tour started. Apparently, Mark then rejoined his first band, The Coupe De Grace, releasing a demo and touring the Midwest U.S. in 1999. Following that, in early 2000, an outsider suggested that newly formed Missouri band Killswitch work with Chaussee, but that union wasn't meant to be...

     "There was this guy, Mark Chaussee. He played on the SMALL DEADLY SPACE album with former Judas Priest singer Rob Halford in Fight, and he also played on Danzig's BLACKACIDEVIL. We went out to Minneapolis for a week and jammed with him for a while, and then he came down here for a week, but we just weren't on the same page...
     "The Chaussee experience taught us to never try to recruit someone who has already been there. He was a really cool guy, but he's opened up for Metallica and been on the Metallica tour. He's done the arena with 70,000 people, and we're a bunch of country boys from Kansas City, here in the midwest, and didn't really have anything going for us."

- Lance Collier bassist for Killswitch), Pitch, April 13, 2000

Failing the Killswitch audition, Mark joined Stereomud in the summer of 2000, but that too didn't work out:

     "After rehearsing for a few days we recorded our first demo in Atlanta and all agreed we had something special going on. The band was formed, almost... Once we had about 10 songs, the band decided that we could use another guitarist to augment the sound. I called up my friend Mark Chaussee (Fight/Danzig) who came in and played with us for about two months. Things didn't work out with Mark and we tried out a bunch of other guys."
- Erik (Stereomud vocalist), PRP, August 8, 2000

In 2003, Chaussee then returned with James Mecherle, now known as Jimmy Coup, to work on a "full-on metal" album with ex-The Coup De Grace guitarist Steve Wresh and drummer Brett Degendoffer:

     "It's gonna have lots and lots of guitars, killing double leads, tough vocals and hit hard. All the shit I love!""
- Jimmy Coup, Unearthed Archives,
December 15, 2003

As of October 2004, it is reported that Mark Chaussee has possibly joined Marilyn Manson, or at least they'll see how it works out, to fill the spot vacated by John 5. If this is so, then Marilyn Manson will have the distinction of collecting up former Rob Halford guitar players ("John 5" Lowery and now mark Chaussee). Hmmm... could Metal Mike be next? Or K.K. Downing?! Don't count on it!


Scott Travis of course returned to his gigs with Judas Priest and Racer X.


I Am AliveMouthpieceLegacy Of HateBlowout In The Radio RoomNever AgainSmall Deadly SpaceGretna Greene
Beneath The ViolenceHuman CrateIn A World Of Mine Own MakingPsycho SuicideAcid Test

1. I Am Alive
R. Halford/B. Tilse
Performed live in: 1995; 1997

     "Everyone is unique. Everyone wants place in this world. Whether it's a kid growing up or someone standing against prejudice today or someone with AIDS crying out for a cure."
- Rob Halford, A SMALL DEADLY SPACE Press Kit, 1995

    "It's basically talking about how each of us is unique in our own way. Its a song about believing in yourself, making a declaration that you are a living, breathing human being, someone with a belief and a conscience. But like a lot of my lyrics, they have double meanings or triple meanings. It was a subconscious thing; it wasn't where I was directing the music, but when I finished writing the piece I reflected on it, and it can also mean finding a cure for the Aids virus. Its a multifaceted song."
- Rob Halford, Metal Edge, Spring 1995

I am I said
And I believe
I made it here for something

This is my time
I'm here and now
And I'll fight on
To get there

With prejudice in mind
Through fear nobody sees
Unwilling to accept
This ignorant disease.

By my own right
I have a dream
This is my life
I'm someone.

Look in my eyes
I'm everyman
Feel what I see
Inside you.

A damming of the facts
A way that's negative
Inside we're all the same
We have one live to live

The virus in the heart
Enough to seal your fate
Look deep at what you are
Itt's time to kill the hate

A narrow mind will give
A poisonned point of view
Take care of what you sow
The next one could be you

By opening the door
The end could be so sure
A joining of the hands
To seek and find a cure

I am I said

I have a dream

I am alive

2. Mouthpiece
R. Halford/M. Chaussee
Performed live in: 1995; 1997

      "You can't be concerned with burning bridges. Sometimes when there's a fork in the road, it doesn't matter whether to take a left or right. Just do something different."
- Rob Halford, A SMALL DEADLY SPACE Press Kit, 1995

    "Its sitting down, taking a breath, and thinking about where you are. Its a kind of meditative tune that reflects on where you're at in your life".
- Rob Halford, Metal Edge, Spring 1995

When did you,
Last look at
At where you are?

Did, did you,
Ever think,
You'd get this far?

Low Mind

Have, have you,
Just where you're from?

Will the choice,
Be, be right,
By what you've done?


What about,
The point of,
Of no return?

Whilling time,
On bridges,
That, that you burned.

3. Legacy Of Hate
R. Halford/B. Tilse/M. Chaussee
Performed live in: 1995; 1997

     "A boy wants to break away from the cycle of parental abuse and wonders, 'Is this all passing on to me?' He's suffered hostility and brutality. Now he wants to talk about it with his father and he's still being rejected."
- Rob Halford, A SMALL DEADLY SPACE Press Kit, 1995

    "It talks about the cycle of abuse in a family. It can be observed in either the direct form of a guy trying to relate to his father's feelings and saying, 'Why did you treat me this way? Were you treated this way too? Are you passing it on to me?' Some families have dominating figureheads that instill values in their children, but some of them can be racist and anti-Semitic or whatever".
- Rob Halford, Metal Edge, Spring 1995

Raised by you,
You made me.

In your shadow,

Like Father
Like Son

Mirror of your image.
Victim of your damage.

You gave me nothing
Like Father
But these memories are full.
Like Son
Is the back of your hand,
Like Father
All that I'll pass on?
Like Son

Here's what you've created.
And wasted.

Like Father
I want to know why.
Like Son

Like Father
The way that you treat me,
Like Son

Like Father
Eats away at your soul.
Like Son
And what's left is your conscience,

Like Father
That's a cancerous hole.
Like Son

I want to know why?
What I have done?
Where you a victim?
The cycle goes on

4. Blowout In The Radio Room
R. Halford/B. Tilse
Performed live in: 1995

     "It's a great song without any heaviness lyrically. It just talks about loving music and the power of radio. I will never underestimate the relationship rock 'n' roll has had and always will have with radio. Its a thank you song to radio."
- Rob Halford, Metal Edge, Spring 1995

Trippin' out, oh yeah
I'm freakin' out
This sound is bouncing me
Right on the wall.

Lose myself
I can't control myself
I'm a radio head
That's in free-fall.

Gets me high

Hazy man, oh yeah
I'm blasted man
Out there flippin' through my
paisley mind.

Ride the wave
From cradle
To the grave
Breathe it in with my own kind.

Boned with sound, oh yeah
I'm stoned on sound
No one gets to me
Inside this room.

Spacin' out, oh yeah
I'm racing here
This sound gets in my head
My head goes boooom.

5. Never Again
R. Halford/B. Tilse/S. Travis

      "Time is a great healer but it should never let anything as horrible as the Nazi concentration camps be forgotten. The scars from those atrocities will never heal. When a society's weak and looking for leadership, it can be manipulated in terrible ways."
- Rob Halford, A SMALL DEADLY SPACE Press Kit, 1995

    "It's about being taken for granted and pulling away from any kind of situation or condition where you've been abused, lied to, cheated on, or deceived. You say, 'Never again'."
- Rob Halford, Metal Edge, Spring 1995

     "I love 'Never Again'. I was the driving force to keep the vocal line on that song. When I was asked to listen to Halford's vocals on 'Never', I thought it was done. Rob and Attie didn't think it was. Of course, it appears on the album the same way I initially heard it. I guess it can be fun being the manager... in those circumstances, that is."
- John Baxter, live chat, April 30, 1995

Mind's eye in darkness,
See how they run.

Fools search for nothing,
Stare at the sun.

See how they run
There's none for me
I, stand with you

Stare at the sun
We take them in
And, we turn the screw

Talk to the madmen,
Fill them with lies.
Now pay the piper,
As honesty dies.

Blood on their hands
Into quicksand.

What's left to dream for,
This endless line.

Ladders to nowhere;
Blind lead the blind.

See how they run
Stare at the sun

Fill them with lies;
As honesty dies.

6. Small Deadly Space
R. Halford/M. Chaussee/S. Travis
Performed live in: 1995

     "There always will be this rebellious attitude to rock 'n' roll, and people finding music that pisses other people off. I, for one, will always advocate the use of music for that purpose. You should play music as loud as you want it to play. There's nothing wrong with it. Its a great catalyst for release and it inspires. 'A Small Deadly Space' in a sense is locking yourself in and jamming away."
- Rob Halford, Metal Edge, Spring 1995

Think I'm possessed by demons,
I do their dirty work,
They use me like a zombie
Headaches is all I get.

Lock myself up in my own room,
Ain't comin' out my cage,
They're full of shit and no feeling,
I'll always be in a rage.

Small Deadly Space

Sympathy cries for the devil,
I dance to the music he makes.
Chemical daze, my salvation,
Destroy these losers and fakes.

Fist in the wall, care of family.
Swallow and suck till I4m full.
I need their love and attention,
Like I need lead in my skull.

Leave me alone to my own type,
They say: "stupid is a stupid does."
I ain't a part of the rat race,
A numberless face, just because.

I'll play along with these demons,
Possessed by them every day.
Don't try to reach out and console me,
I'll bite at what gets in my way.

7. Gretna Greene
R. Halford/B. Tilse/M. Chaussee

      "I don't want to get on the bandwagon of exploitation of the O. J. Simpson case, but I couldn't help getting caught up in the whole issue of domestic violence. It's sickening that there's entertainment value to this, but we are all drawn into this terrible tragedy."
- Rob Halford, A SMALL DEADLY SPACE Press Kit, 1995

    "The original title was 'Purple Bruise'. I use it as a metaphor, its nothing about the trial. Its important because sometimes it takes tragedies to make people look and think and realize this kind of thing is going on as we speak, and that any kind of abuse to another individual whether its a husband to a wife or a man to is son or his children, any physical or mental abuse, is abhorrent and should be prevented. So if we as artist can take a subject like this and put it into people's heads and show what a terrible thing it is, we might be making people think, and that's what I want to do more and more in my career, write words that make people think rather than give them something that goes in one ear and out the other."
- Rob Halford, Metal Edge, Spring 1995

A purple bruise,
A fractured limb,
All covered up with lies.

A swollen face,
A bloody tongue,
This violence denied.

Empty now and meaningless,
Ridiculed in shame,
Until death do us apart,
Who should take the blame?

To live a lie
Forgive or die.

A stricken look,
A lowered head,
Reflections, turning back.

A trembling hand,
A quickened step,
The dreaded, next attack.

Turning from the holy ghost,
Light and spirit fade.
Waiting for deliverance,
Every thing betrayed.

A vacant stare,
A beat-up faith,
The book of truth reviled.

A prayer to God,
A plea for help,
Held ransom with the child.

Wide awake and holding tears,
Fear that never sleeps,
Curled up in the bed at night,
The virgin gently weeps.

8. Beneath The Violence
R. Halford/B. Tilse/S. Travis

     "America as a society is absolutely dominated by acts of violence and it's impossible to escape it. Phoenix has one of the highest per capital murder rates in the country right now, 236 homicides last year. I think a lot of it is gang related. I've had enough. I'm going to get out of this, whether it means switching off the television or not reading the newspaper. It's pulling away from that, taking a breather from aggression."
- Rob Halford, Metal Edge, Spring 1995

Closed into self asylum,
On ice that's paper thin.
Wrapped up for good protection.
Keep that from getting in.

The shadows bring the shelter,
Some refuge from the storm.
Brakes on the helter skelter,
To let these nerves reform.

Retreat out of the mad house,
Stop foaming at the mouth.
Hang up this strange behavior,
Cut through the overgrowth.

Watch from a safer distance,
Observe the next offense.
See how the hands do murder,
Then try to make some sens.

Black vision
Dead body

Shock system



These acts of tender mercies,
Work on the purest soul.
They tease and trap remorseless,
Till six feet in the ground.

Shut down till all is silent,
Be still this seething blood.
Turn off, release the trigger,
Let numbness do some good

9. Human Crate
R. Halford/B. Tilse

     "It's a very simple but a nice little story. It talks about two people on life's journey together. They wander about from place to place. Do they really love each other or do they just need each other's company? If they should get married and she took his name it would take on a whole different attitude; marriage brings a lot of changes in the way you connect with each other. It talks about these two people caring for each other and going through life's journey together."
- Rob Halford, Metal Edge, Spring 1995

There's a man without a home,
With a girl who has no name.
There's a face in every town,
Underneath we're all the same.

She has come and gone.
He is always moving on.

When the man felt down and low,
The girl was by his side.
And they walked a broken road,
With a hope that never died.

If the man should find a home,
Then the girl would take his name.
But they need their open road,
For their journey is the same.

10. In A World Of My Own Making
R. Halford/B. Tilse

     "If Fight will ever write a love song, that's probably it. Its a strange song, it starts off with very lonely, melancholy piano work by Brian. Everybody's looking for that one person that they have in their life. You could view it as being slightly possessive, in that this individual is looking for that one special person to take away and live together away from life's destructions and interferences, just a real sweet, gentle, tender kind of song that takes a dramatic turn when the band crashes in."
- Rob Halford, Metal Edge, Spring 1995

If I could find a place
To leave this world behind.
Somewhere in time and space
Where i could ease my mind.
I'd take you there;
Where we could be alone.

No one can find this place;
The secret will be ours.
With no more pain to face;
We'll live amongst the stars.
In solitude, and we can wonder free.

Alone, at last just you and me.

Our island universe;
A world unto its own.
Forgetting all the worst of times,
They're gone,
You know we are as one
To make a life of peace.

Escape, into eternal sleep...

11. Psycho Suicide
R. Halford

This song was originally written and recorded during the WAR OF WORDS sessions, but instead of using that version, the band re-recorded the song for A SMALL DEADLY SPACE

     " 'Psycho' was re-recorded for SDS."
- Rob Halford, live chat, April 30, 1995

    "Its the classic good-against-evil syndrome. It wasn't a real brain-teaser to put together lyrically. My main rush on that song is the music, its just a real hardcore basher. Its the only song that dates back to WAR OF WORDS. The rest of the material was all new and fresh."
- Rob Halford, Metal Edge, Spring 1995

See disturbing moves
Prince of cloven hoofs
Conjures up a crime
Worm-like in the spine

Psycho suicide
Psycho suicide
Psycho suicide
Psycho suicide

Anger whispers dark
Light and evil talk
Who controls the will?
Warnings for the kill

Wicked marks and scars
Chugging in its sores
Weren't you ???
??? over ???

??? psycho suicide

12. Acid Test
Japan bonus track

All compositions 1995 EMI April Music Inc./Ebonytree Ltd. (ASCAP)/Brian Tilse  Music
Thanks to Metal Andy for providing the Metal Edge track-by-track quotes.


Rob Halford - v, Brian Tilse - g, Mark Chaussee - g, Jay Jay - b, Scott Travis - d

Tour guitar pick

This T-shirt shows there were plans for a full-scale world tour...

SETLIST (Orange titles are from the current album)

From the July 13 Toronto show:
A Small Deadly Space
Legacy Of Hate
Into The Pit
War Of Words
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Immortal Sin
I Am Alive
Kill It
Little Crazy
Laid to Rest
Victim of Changes
Nailed to the Gun

Rob Halford guest appearance
March 12 Palladium; 
Board AID Kick-Off to benefit LIFEbeat
Los Angeles, CA USA

 "Rapid Fire" and "Solar Angels" with Anthrax


North American Tour
April 21 La Semana Alegre Music  Festival, Freeman Coliseum San Antonio, TX USA Support to Budgie; Bootleg audio exists
May 20 Johnnyland Corpus Christi, TX USA
June 3 Birch Hill Night Club Old Bridge, NJ USA Bootleg audio exists
June 4 Limelight New York City, NY USA Bootleg video exists
June 7 Axis Boston, MA USA Bootleg audio exists
June 10 The Trocadero Philadelphia, PA USA Bootleg audio exists
June 11 Lido Beach/Sarasota, FL USA Bootleg audio exists
June 3 Birch Hill Night Club Old Bridge, NJ USA Bootleg audio exists
June 4 Limelight New York City, NY USA Bootleg video exists
June 7 Axis Boston, MA USA Bootleg audio exists
June 10 The Trocadero Philadelphia, PA USA Bootleg audio exists
June 11 Lido Beach/Sarasota, FL USA Bootleg audio exists
June 13 RPM Toronto, Ontario Canada Support from Skull; Bootleg audio exists
June 14 Blind Melon's Buffalo, NY USA
June 15 Metropol Pittsburgh, PA USA
June 16 Phantasy Theatre Cleveland, OH USA
June 18 Vic Theatre Chicago, IL USA
June 20 The Rave Milwaukee, WI USA
June 21 First Avenue Minneapolis, MN USA Bootleg audio exists
June 24 Lone Star Kansas City, MO USA
June 26 Rack-n-Roll Colorado Springs, CO USA
June 28 Upper Country Salt Lake City, UT USA
June 30 Town Pump Cabaret Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
July 1 Under The Rail Seattle, WA USA
July 2 Roseland Portland, OR USA
July 5 Easy Street Reno, NV USA
July 6 Fillmore West San Francisco, CA USA Bootleg audio and video exists
July 7 Ventura Theater Ventura, CA USA
July 8 The Palace Los Angeles, CA USA
July 9 New Bacchanal San Diego, CA USA
July 11 Huntridge Theater Las Vegas, NV USA
July 12 The Rock Tucson, AZ USA
July 13 Electric Ballroom Phoenix, AZ USA

Thanks go to Christophe Dassy of the
French Metallian website for providing these tour dates


Three-fifths of the members of Fight were reunited and billed as the marquee act under the name "Rob Halford" for a special benefit show in Phoenix, Arizona . The benefit concert was for the local Child Crises Center's "Children Of The Desert" program designed to give needy children a Christmas they would otherwise not have been able to have.

Rob Halford - v, Brian Tilse - g, Jay Jay - b,
Don Juan - d


War Of Words
Kill It
I Am Alive
A Little Crazy
Immortal Sin
Legacy Of Hate
Reality, A New Beginning
Nailed To The Gun
The Hellion/Electric Eye
Victim Of Changes
Hell Bent For Leather

December 20 Mason Jar Phoenix, AZ USA Bootleg audio exists

Steel & Leather Productions, U.S.A.