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     "Screaming For Vengeance elevated the band to an even higher plateau and gave us our first double-platinum album in the States - many of the songs from this album have passed into metal folklore and are still hugely popular throughout the world with metal fans young and old alike... It turned out to be one of the most successful albums in our career. Great times and great music!"
- Screaming For Vengeance Re-Master liner note, 2001

     "You can practically hear the veins popping on Halford's forehead..."
- Kräkus Hamm, Revolver, September 2003


Judas Priest L-R:
Rob Halford: Vocals
Dave Holland: Drums
K.K. Downing: Guitars
Ian Hill: Bass Guitar
Glenn Tipton: Guitars

Management: Secret Management Associates Inc. (SMAI)
Agency representation: Bill Elson, ATI
Official merchandising: Great Southern Company


The Hellion Electric Eye Riding On The Wind Bloodstone
(Take These) Chains Pain And Pleasure Screaming For Vengeance
You've Got Another Thing Comin' Fever Devil's Child

RE-MASTERS Series Bonus tracks:
Prisoner Of Your Eyes Devil's Child (Live)

  • Released July 1982 by CBS Records Inc. (UK Cat. # 85941), Columbia Records (US Cat. # 38160) and
    Epic/Sony Music Group (JPN Cat. # 25.3P-371)

  • CD reissued October 25, 1990 by Columbia Records (UK Cat. # 403271) and (US Cat. # CK 38160)

  • THE RE-MASTERS UK/European CD released May 7, 2001 by Sony Music/Columbia Records (UK Cat. # 502133)
  • THE RE-MASTERS North American CD released May 29, 2001 by Sony Music/Legacy Records (US Cat. # CK 85435
  • )

Recorded January - May 1982 at Ibiza Sound Studios, Ibiza, Spain and Beejay Recording Studios, Orlando, Florida
Produced by Tom Allom
Engineered by Louis Austin
Mixed at Beejay Recording Studios, Orlando, Florida and Bayshore Recording Studios, Coconut Grove, Florida, USA
Mastered by Stewart Romain at CBS Recording Studios, New York, New York, USA

Certification: RIAA Gold October 29, 1982; Platinum April 18, 1983; Double Platinum October 16, 2001
Chart position:
UK #11; Billboard 200 Pop Albums #17, spending 53 weeks on the Billboard charts
You've Got Another Thing Comin': Billboard Top Mainstream Rock Single #4; Billboard Top Pop Singles #67
Judas Priest's only Hot 100 chart single of their career
Electric Eye: Billboard Top Mainstream Rock Single #38


  • You've Got Another Thing Comin'/Exciter (Live) released in August 1982 by CBS Records Inc. (UK Cat. # A 2611)

  • (Take These) Chains/Judas Priest Audio File released in October 1982 by CBS Records Inc. (UK Cat. # 2822)

  • The Hellion/Electric Eye/Riding On The Wind (Live King Biscuit Flower Hour) released in 1983 by Columbia Records (US Cat. # AS 1603 Promo only)


The Hellion conceived by Judas Priest
Album Design: John Berg
Artwork: Doug Johnson
Photography: Steve Joester

From an unknown land and through distant skies came a winged warrior. Nothing remained sacred, no one was safe from the Hellion as it uttered its battle cry...Screaming for Vengeance.


Conceived by Judas Priest and airbrushed by artist Doug Johnson, 'The Hellion' is one of the most recognizable heavy metal album cover figures of all time:

     "We get together as a band and decide basically in our minds what we think the right thing to go with like as regards to direction and we wanted something that portrayed something that could relate to things we're doing in the past - as well as the future - maybe as far back as SAD WINGS OF DESTINY, where you've got sort of like an angel-type figure in hell with wings to something that's very modern-day type of representative; as you know, it's called the Hellion, so it relates. We wanted something like that, so we simply recruited some very well-known artist from New York to do some roughs for us and the roughs were superb. So obviously, we were all looking forward to seeing the finished product and it turned out real good."
- K.K. Downing, 1982

     "The title of the album was brought about simply by the artwork. First of all, we had this thing about vengeance; we want vengeance of some sort. Not retaliation vengeance, but vengeance in a musical way, in how vengeance sounds musically, and the original concept was, I came up with a thing like I could see something like with claws and talons like vengeance coming in to grab at something, and then it's elaborated onto with the metal Hellion. And screaming was put on because this bird is coming down with its beak open and it looks like its screaming, so it's SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE."
- Rob Halford, 1983


  • You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Directed by Julien Temple and filmed at the Kempton Park water works, an electrical plant outside of London.

     "...the spectacular laser beams which were used caught the attention of nearby motorists, who must have thought that a close encounter was at hand."
- Steve Gett, author, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

     "Being able to reach an audience of seven to twelve million television viewers is fantastic, and there's no doubt that MTV gave us a terrific boost by showing 'You've Got Another Thing Comin'' as much as they did..."
- Rob Halford, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

     "In the beginning, it was unheard of  for a screaming metal act to get this kind of exposure, so it is with pride that we can say that Priest set trends and opportunities for metal bands around the world that have followed us."
- Rob Halford, ELECTRIC EYE DVD booklet, 2003

This video is currently available on the ELECTRIC EYE DVD 2003 Sony Music Entertainment/Columbia Music Video (UK Cat. # 2021939, US Cat. # CVD 51411)

Electric Eye was also planned to be issued as a video as well, due to the visual ideas it would provide:

     "Writing a top-forty single has never been a conscious effort when we finish an album. We know which songs will be aired more than others, but we're never quite certain what's going to make it for a single. Originally, we thought '(Take These) Chains' was going to be the single. It turned out that 'You've Got Another Thing Comin' ' is the one, and the next will be 'Electric Eye', which is not a top-forty track in my opinion. However, in relation to what we can get through such things as television and especially MTV, it seems to be the next logical song to go for because of its visual ability. It will come across strongly and powerful on TV."
- Rob Halford, Heavy Metal Times, November 1982

Unfortunately, the video was never made, probably due to the extended touring and interview demands the band had gained from the success of the "You've Got Another Thing Comin' " video and single!


  • SAD WINGS OF DESTINY Songbook 1982. Published by Portland Publications PP2001

  • The Early Years, Play It Like It Is: 1983. Published by Cherry Lane Music Publishing Co. Inc. ISBN 0-89524-188-9

1982 Boy Howdy! Beer advertisement in Creem magazine:

SEPTEMBER 1981: The sessions begin

September through October of 1981 was spent writing and recording backing tracks at the band's favorite studio hangout, Ibiza Sound Studio in Spain. Priest were then scheduled for a British tour in November, with plans for a new album in early 1982 that they were going to simply call SCREAMING...

JANUARY 1982: The sessions... start over!

Having completed their brief British tour, the guys returned to Ibiza Sound Studio in January, but when they played back the tracks they had been working on, they decided to scrap them and start over fresh!

     "We discarded four or five songs off the album, and they were good songs. It just happened that we wrote five better ones."
- Glenn Tipton, Guitar Player Magazine, July 1983

As well as making up for the commercial failure of last year's Point Of Entry, the feeling was Priest needed to put out a studio album that would be as strong as their live performance.


APRIL 1982: You've Got Another Thing Comin'

The album's only single "You've Got Another Thing Comin' " was a last-minute thought, when the band realized that the album was still one song short of being complete:

     "We mixed the album at Bill Szymczyk's Bayshore Studio in Coconut Grove, down in Florida, in April '82, and we actually had to go back in and record some extra tracks at Beejay Studio in Orlando. 'You've Got Another Thing Comin' ' was an interesting one to record, because they were just running through it for the first time with Dave Holland; I was setting up the sound and getting everything sorted out, and I was just rolling tape while they were doing it. But it had such a great feel, we just decided to make it the master tape."
- Tom Allom

     "We went into Beejay Studio in Orlando and did the ghost track, mainly for the drums. But it went so well, we used that first take."
- K.K. Downing, Metal Works, liner note, 1993

     "That song was very much an accident. We recorded a lot of the material in the Mediterranean. We went to Orlando, Florida and mixed the album and discovered we were a little short on time. We did our best to get something together - a bit of an album filler. That is very unusual for us because we never take that sort of attitude. It was that song and it was written and recorded within hours. It was an afterthought..."
- Ian Hill, Classic Rock Revisited January, 2002

     "The Florida studio had a small bar next to it that made the best steak sandwiches in the world and it was the only studio Priest have ever been in that appropriately had its own church - bizarre, but true! We finally locked ourselves away and got down to work - so much so that when we looked out of the window one day, there was a hurricane bending over the trees outside that we knew nothing about!"
- Screaming For Vengeance Re-Master liner note, 2001

But the true hurricane for Judas Priest would prove to be the song the storm outside could not prevent them from recording: "You've Got Another Thing Comin' " pushed Screaming For Vengeance over the top, especially in America, where MTV put the song's promo video in regular rotation.

     "'You've Got Another Thing Comin' ' was responsible for gaining one-third plus of a new audience."
- Rob Halford, HM Photo Book, 1984

     "We'd never had a lot of airplay before, and suddenly we were selling thirty or forty thousand albums a week. The World Vengeance Tour wasn't our first big tour, but we were playing more big shows than ever before..."
- Glenn Tipton

     "You always think that you're going to reach platinum with every album! We got lucky with Screaming For Vengeance as it contained 'You’ve Got Another Thing Comin' '.
     "It might have been because it was so spontaneous and fresh that American radio picked up on it and the next thing you know it was being played all over the place. It was the song that broke us in a big way in the States. Everything that followed really owed itself to that song... It's the spontaneous things that are sometimes the best."
- Ian Hill, Classic Rock Revisited January, 2002

     "In America, music fans were devout music lovers. Screaming For Vengeance - I mean what can I say? Every now and then you might go to 7-11 or out to a restaurant and they are playing 'You've Got Another Thing Comin' ' on the radio... It doesn't get any better than that; You push your shopping cart in the supermarket, but nobody really knows, do they?
     "See, America has the gift of radio; everywhere else is not like that. Everything was FM back then. So we recorded songs like 'Breaking The Law' and 'Living After Midnight' and 'You've Got Another Thing Comin' ' and those were really good driving songs, ya know? Ya hear it on the radio and shift it up a gear. So we're really grateful for all of that. It was great to be successful in such a big massive country."

- K.K. Downing, Circus Magazine, December 2003

     "A kid puts on a Judas Priest or an Iron Maiden or a Motörhead shirt and it makes a staement. Hall And Oates don't make a statement."
- Cliff Burnstein

     "As soon as the mixes were finished in Miami, producer Tom Allom brought the tapes to New York to be mastered. Listening to a playback, it was crystal clear that Judas Priest had accomplished the task they had set out to achieve."
- Steve Gett, author, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

AUTUMN 1982: John Baxter comes aboard

With the success of SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE, Priest had their hands full running their own management tasks while touring the States. It was at this time that Rob Halford asked John Baxter to handle his personal US business matters:

     "I was introduced to Rob in '79. Rob and I spoke in '80 and '81. I was a bit surprised in '82 when he asked me to look after his U.S. business management affairs. After accepting, I met with his U.K. accountants in England, and commenced work shortly afterwards. There was not a great deal of work to undertake at that time, so I continued my education..."
- John Baxter, 2002

John Baxter, 2002

May 1983: Priest sign to Trinifold Management

Several noted managers offered their services and lengthy negotiations took place while the rigorous touring continued, but the band finally teamed up with long-time Who manager Bill Curbishley (Trinifold Management, Ltd.), who became their manager of choice shortly before the US Festival in May of 1983.

Bill Curbishley, 2001

Bill Curbishley started his career in the music business at Track Records, managing bands as diverse as Thunderclap Newman, Jimi Hendrix, Marc Bolan and The Who. In 1974 he set up his own company, Trinifold, initially handling The Who but later expanding to manage other groups such as Judas Priest, and former Led Zeppelin members Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. His film production credits include Tommy, Quadrophenia and McVicar.

     "We've had our ups and downs with management in the past, but now that we're with Bill, everything's running smoothly. He's well aware that we're very serious about what we do and that there's still a lot of work ahead of us."
- Glenn Tipton, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

One of Curbishley's first tasks was to negotiate a new record deal, whereby Columbia Records re-signed Priest to an additional five year contract!


The Hellion Electric Eye Riding On The Wind Bloodstone (Take These) Chains Pain And Pleasure Screaming For Vengeance
You've Got Another Thing Comin' Fever Devil's Child Prisoner Of Your Eyes

     "My main source of constant inspiration is Roget's Thesaurus, which I'm never without. I've always got a copy with me."
- Rob Halford, 1983

1. The Hellion
G.Tipton/R.Halford/K.K. Downing
Lead: Harmony guitar instrumental
Never performed live by Judas Priest - a tape of the song was played over the PA while the band entered the stage
Performed live by Halford 2000 - 2002, 2004-2005
Available live versions:
Disney House Of Blues (DEP 2003)

     "'The Hellion' and 'Electric Eye' weren't originally written to go together, and we would eventually have expanded 'The Hellion' into a song in its own right - because if you listen, there's really quite a contrast there. But at a later date we had the idea of tacking them together to set up 'Electric Eye' and the plan was too good to drop, even live."
- K.K. Downing, Metal Works liner note, 1993

2. Electric Eye
G.Tipton/R.Halford/K.K. Downing

Lead: Glenn
Performed live in: 1982-2001, 2002, 2004-2005
Available live versions:
Judas Priest Live (Video 1983, DVD 2004), Priest...Live! (Video and audio 1987, Re-Master 2001), Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, Connecticut (broadcast bootleg, 1988), '98 Live Meltdown (1998), Halford Live Insurrection (2001), Live In London (Audio 2003), Disney House Of Blues (DEP 2003)

     "The Orwellian view of space technology is already upon us to a certain extent isn't it? I mean, we're all down on tape somewhere. But it's very easy to let that thing get on top of you before you know it and I think you should be aware of it - very aware of it. In fact, they can do that now. They're up there now and they can sort of zoom down onto the license plate of a car very easily. And the next step is to actually look into peoples' homes, which is taking all your privacy away from you completely.
     "It worries me sometimes to think just what amount of voice we as regular people have got left in terms of the top political brass, the control that they have over everything, you know, whether or not we could even do it now. I mean, I don't trust any politician, don't trust one of them. I don't know if it's too late already - I don't want to take a pessimistic leap out the window - but I think it probably isn't too long..."
- Rob Halford, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1982

     " 'Electric Eye' is by no means 'commercial', but it appeals to a lot of people.
     "It's our attempt to update heavy metal into the '80s. You can't forever sing 'dungeon' lyrics - that was the '72-'73 era. We've always tried to modernize our music and particularly now, we play fast and more aggressive music, and Rob in turn tries to update his lyrics. Heavy Metal lyrics have got to be about something aggressive. Science fiction is probably the natural progression from medieval lyrics and it's just our attempt to try and keep everything so nobody gets fed-up with it or bored with it or it doesn't become mundane, and on every album, I think we've achieved that."
- Glenn Tipton, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1982

Up here in space
I'm looking down on you
My lasers trace
Everything you do

You think you've private lives
Think nothing of the kind
There is no true escape
I'm watching all the time

I'm made of metal
My circuits gleam
I am perpetual
I keep the country clean

I'm elected electric spy
I'm protected electric eye

Always in focus
You can't feel my stare
I zoom into you
You don't know I'm there

I take a pride in probing all your secret moves
My tearless retina takes pictures that can prove

Electric eye, in the sky
Feel my stare, always there
There's nothing you can do about it
Develop and expose
I feed upon your every thought
And so my power grows

I'm elected electric spy
I'm elected protective, detective, electric eye!

3. Riding On The Wind
G.Tipton/R.Halford/K.K. Downing
Lead: K.K./Glenn/K.K./Glenn
Performed live in: 1982-1984, 1990-1991, 2001, 2002 (by Halford), 2005
Available live versions:
Judas Priest Live (Video 1983, DVD 2004), US Festival (1983), Halford's Live Insurrection (2001), Disney House Of Blues (DEP 2003)

Shooting for the stars
Cruise the speed of light
Glowin' god of Mars
Body burning bright

Well I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind
Yes I'm ridin', ridin' on the wind

Tearing up through life
Million miles an hour
Blinding all in sight
Surging rush of power

Ridin' on the wind! Ridin' on the wind!
Ridin' on the wind! Ridin' on the wind!

Thunderbolt from hell
Shattering aloud
Screamin' demons yell
Bursting through the clouds

4. Bloodstone

G.Tipton/R.Halford/K.K. Downing
Lead: Glenn/K.K. (interlinked through drum fill)
Performed live in: 1982-1983, 1990
Available live versions:
Judas Priest Live (Video 1983, DVD 2004), Ram It Down (Re-Master 2001)

I've been trying
There's no denying
It's sending me
Out of my mind

I've seen reason
Change to treason
It's losing it's sense
Of all kind

How much longer will it take
For the world to see
We should learn to live
And simply let it be

Bloodstone, bloodstone

In the night time
Wake in fright
I'm so scared of the game
That's being played

Start to wonder
What's going under
And how many deals
Have been made

How much longer will it take
For the world to see
We should learn to live
And simply let it be

I can't take it
You got me living
On a bloodstone
I don't want that, that bloodstone

5. (Take These) Chains
R. Halligan Jr.
Lead: K.K./Glenn

Bob Halligan Jr. is the only person to have writing credits exclusive to Judas Priest with no collaborative input from the band members. A native of Syracuse, New York, Halligan got his first break in 1982, when Judas Priest recorded this number of his.

I move away -- it don't do me no good
Three thousand miles don't help like I thought it would

Help me, beggin' you, please.
You got the power; down on my knees
Give me some kind of life,
Leave me be

Take these chains off!
Take 'em off of my heart!

Reach out to me, as if from the grave
I tried to run but I'm tied to you like a slave

It's my fault loving you so
You were so precious, how could I know
You turned mean overnight
Poor, poor me

I don't owe you anything
Why don't you get out of my life
Through it all the memories cling
And I can't sleep at night

6. Pain And Pleasure
G.Tipton/R.Halford/K.K. Downing
Lead: Glenn/K.K./Glenn/both

     "In that one-to-one situation, a personal thing, there is a lot of pain and a lot of pleasure out of it. I don't think we could ever really write a pleasant love song - that would be totally against us. That's why it was just an interesting project for me when I thought about the connotations of taking that very sort of what could be a pleasant situation and really messing it up, making it mean."
- Rob Halford, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1982

I wanna tell ya, hey, I think you oughta know
The way you're treating me, now, I feel I have to go
I've heard the rumors, and it seems they're comin' true
You do what suits ya, but then that's nothin' new

Do what you wanna do
Oh what you put me through
How I suffer for your love
Say what you wanna say
You know that you're gonna pay
For all the times I've cried

You give me pain, but you bring me pleasure
Get out of my life
You bring me pain, but you give me pleasure
Don't know what I like

You've got me tied up, dog upon a leash
Instead of messin' round, practice what you preach
Your days are numbered, my day's arrived
The way I see it, we're dead or we're alive

7. Screaming For Vengeance
G.Tipton/R.Halford/K.K. Downing
Lead: K.K./Glenn/both
Performed live in: 1982-1983
Available live versions:
Judas Priest Live (Video 1983, DVD 2004), Priest...Live! (Re-Master 2001)

     "It's like the establishment thing, which sounds so like a very old 'ploy'. But when I talk about 'them' I'm talking about this element of control and power that can be taken on and when I say 'they', or it's 'them', it's that side of what you want to try and do that is against you - that is opposing you. I suppose it's authority to a certain extent, although I think authority has its rightful place to prevent bad situations. I wouldn't decry that we do need that sort of control, because there are crazy people in the world and somebody's got to keep them in place..."
- Rob Halford, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1982

Hey listen don't you let 'em get your mind
Fill your brain with orders, and that's not right
They're playing at a game that draws you closer
Till you're living in a world that's ruled by fear

Always takin' baby out that's OK
What they're givin' maybe it's out of phase with me
Told you once you're never gonna win the race
Same old no tomorrow -- kicked in the face!

We are screaming for vengeance
The world is a manacled place!
Screaming, screaming for vengeance
The world is defiled in disgrace!

Tie a blindfold all around your head
Spin you round in the torture before the dread
And then you're pushed and shoved into every corner
Then they lead you out into the final slaughter.

As the sweat is running down your neck
All your praying for's to stop you body breakin' up
Oh your heart is pumping, gonna soon explode
Got to fight the horror of this mental load.

So you wait it out and bide your time
Rip off that straight jacket gotta break that line
Everyone who wins in the great escape
Leaves a thousand more who suffer in their wake

I don't talk about it but that's alright
Table's turned now there's a revenge in sight
If it takes forever babe I tell ya I can wait
Send them screaming back through their hell's own gate

8. You've Got Another Thing Comin'
G.Tipton/R.Halford/K.K. Downing
Lead: Glenn
Performed live in: 1982-2001, 2002, 2004-2005
Available live versions:
Judas Priest Live (Video 1983, DVD 2004), Priest...Live! (Audio and video 1987 and Re-Master 2001), '98 Live Meltdown (1998), Live In London (Video 2002, audio 2003), US Festival (1983), Live Aid (1985)

This song is Judas Priest's all-time #1 multi-platinum hit. It has also been used for a Burger King commercial in the '90s, promoting a $1.99 special on their legendary Whopper with fries, using the tag: "Miss this deal, you'll be banging your head!"
The song has also been used as re-joiner music on the popular Rush Limbaugh show!

     "It's basically telling people if you want anything out of life, you gotta go out and work for it, and if you just sit around doing nothing, you're going to get nothing coming to you."
- Rob Halford, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1982

     "Just a very positive outlook on life."
- Glenn Tipton, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1982

     "A lot of your stuff does have real positive outlooks but some people who, I'd say, don't listen to Judas Priest think of it as just real dark and demonic and depressing. But when you listen to the lyrics, it's not always that way..."
- Jim Ladd, Innerview, 1982

     "That is part of the stigma that's been attached to heavy metal for so many years now. I think the people who think that way generally aren't aware of what Priest are about. When it first started out, that's pretty much how it was, but I know when we got together, our attitude was that we were gonna be around for as long as we possibly could and if we were going to be around, we wanted to take that music through the years and into a modern sort of framework. I mean writing heavy metal for the '80s as it were and I think we've been fairly responsible for taking that stance and developing heavy metal and putting it into that present position.
- Rob Halford, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1982

     "Until science fiction in the last few years became a lot more common, dungeons, dragons and mythological themes I think was the natural things to sing about in heavy metal music - you can't really sing about blue skies and flowers, so naturally, you tend to lean towards the evil things in life or the fantasy side of life, and it usually stems around medieval dungeon-type dragon lyrics. Black magic was the other alternative, which is all the same thing really, but I mean we got our fair share of those lyrics and we just want to do something a little different without losing any of the aggression or interest in both the music and the lyrics. It's not worth making a real effort; I mean if you really have to try and be different, then it doesn't work, but we feel this is a natural progression - and there are those lyrics on this album like 'Devil's Child' that try and cater for everyone."
- Glenn Tipton, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1982

     "I feel the main reason that bands like Quiet Riot, Def Leppard and ourselves are coming up faster than, say, Priest is down to songs.  On Priest's first, second, and third albums, they didn't have really have good songs.  It was great heavy metal music, but it couldn't be played on the radio. Yet, when they came up with something like 'You've Got Another Thing Comin' ', it was a different story."
- Nikki Sixx, Motley Crüe bassist, Guitar, August 1984

One life I'm gonna live it up
I'm takin' flight I said I'll never get enough
Stand tall I'm young and kinda proud
I'm on top as long as the music's loud

If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by
You're thinkin' like a fool cause it's a case of do or die
Out there is a fortune waitin' to be had
You think I'll let it go you're mad
You've got another thing comin'

That's right here's where the talkin' ends
Well listen this night there'll be some action spent
Drive hard I'm callin' all the shots
I got an ace card comin' down on the rocks

In this world we're livin' in we have our share of sorrow
Answer now is don't give in aim for a new tomorrow

Oh so hot no time to take a rest yeah
Act tough ain't room for second best
Real strong got me some security
Hey I'm a big smash I'm goin' for infinity yeah

9. Fever
G.Tipton/R.Halford/K.K. Downing
Lead: 1st lead Glenn, 2nd lead K.K.
Performed live in: 1982
Available live versions:
(bootleg 1982)

I'd spend my days alone
I used to stay at home
Lost in seclusion there
Like I was in a cell
A captured heart as well
Surrounded by despair
Darkness filled my soul
Losing all control

Down on the streets below
Bright city lights would glow
The energy would rise
And through the heat I'd gaze
Still counting empty days
With fire in my eyes
Living through this hell
Can I break this spell

Fever. You set my soul on fire
Fever. You fill me with desire
Fever. You always get it right
Fever. All day and all night

Then one night as I walked
I heard your body talk
I saw a shooting star
In some magnetic trance
Our beating hearts would dance
And crash down from afar
Oh how strange fate is
Never dreamed of this

So destiny has bought us oh so close together
We were like angels in the night
Living the dream at last I'll be with you forever
And all at once it feels so right

10. Devil's Child
G.Tipton/R.Halford/K.K. Downing
Lead: K.K.
Performed live in: 1982 and 2001
Available live versions:
Judas Priest Live (Video 1983, DVD 2004), Live In London (Video 2002, audio 2003)

     "It's just another bad side of a relationship thing, about somebody ripping you off. You know, you think everything's going fine and the person backtracks on you and steals everything you've got!"
- Rob Halford, Jim Ladd Innerview, 1982

Hypnotize me, mesmerize me
Feel my will-power slip
Light my fire with cold desire
Losing all my grip

Eat my diamonds (eat my diamonds)
Drinking all my gin
Feast your eyes on (feast your eyes on)
A whole lotta sin

Oh no you're so damn wicked!
You got me by the throat.
Oh no gotcha claws stuck in me
You never let me go
I believe you're the devil
I believe you're the devil's child

Took my dreams and now it's seems you're
Nothing but a liar
Smash and grab at all I had
Build my funeral pyre
Stop pretending (stop pretending)
Got me growin' old.
Your tormenting (your tormenting)
Fit to snap my soul

You took my heart
And left it blown to smithereens
I gave my body as a slave
You cut my flesh
And drank my blood that poured in streams
I'm left here broken and ashamed

Goin' under, hear the thunder
Death defying grace
Your condition breeds ammuntion
Shoots me in the face
Vicious talkin' (vicious talkin')
Stabs me like a knife
Scratched and bruised (so abused)
I'm a human sacrifice
I believe you're the devil's child

11. Prisoner Of Your Eyes
RE-MASTERS Bonus Track
Lead: intro Glenn and K.K. together, 1st lead K.K. with Glenn harmony, 2nd lead Glenn, 3rd lead K.K. with Glenn harmony, Glenn and K.K. together, end licks: K.K./Glenn/K.K./Glenn
Performed live on Rockline (2001)

When I saw your face
I became a prisoner of your eyes
And I would do just anything
To stay and be with you

You know there are times
When I let myself wonder
As I was going under
You pulled me back to earth

Don't you hear me crying
Take me in your arms again
Tell me that you're trying
Or is our love a lie

Love is blind
And love deceives you
You came along and captured me
Now I'm a prisoner of your eyes
Trapped in time
I cannot leave you
I'm just a prisoner of your eyes

As each day goes by
I've given up completely
I've locked myself inside your heart
And thrown away the key

Only time will tell
If I can live without you
Can you see into the future
Will you ever set me free
I'm just a prisoner of your eyes

In this heartache
We can try and start again
Stop the heartbreak
A little time will help to kill the pain

Trapped in time
I cannot leave you
I'm just a prisoner of your eyes

Here's the alternate version/chorus recorded by Halford:

Prisoner of Your Eyes
R. Halford - G. Tipton - K. Downing - P. Lachman

When I saw your face
I became a prisoner of your eyes
And I would do most anything
To stay and be with you.

How did we go wrong?
I can't believe it's over
Tell me why it's happening?
Who threw it all away?

Don't you hear me crying?
Take me in your arms again

Don't you hear me crying?
Take me in your arms again

Bring back what I'm living for
You're all I'm thinking of
Take me home to paradise
Give me back your love

No one takes the blame
You and I have wondered
We gave all we could to this
It's time to face the truth

Now we realize
All we had is over
Comes an end to everything
There's nothing left to give

Stop the heartache
We can try and start again
End the heart break
A little time - will help to ease the pain

I still see your face
When I close my eyes
If I opened up again
Would you still be here?

Lead breaks are taken from the 1982 World Vengeance tour program

TOUR DATES 1982: World Vengeance Tour

1982 Tour Program

Rob Halford - v, Glenn Tipton - g, K.K. Downing - g, Ian Hill - b, Dave Holland - d
Tour Manager: Jim Silvia

     "I'd like to hope that one day this band could become a little legendary. If it does, I think it'll be because we will have gone out there and played on stages from one end of the world to the other."
- K.K. Downing, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

     "Songs from this album still find pride of place in the set lists of the band's current tours."
- Screaming For Vengeance Re-Master liner note, 2001

SETLIST (Orange titles are from the current album)

From the August 26, Stabler Arena, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania show:
The Hellion/Electric Eye
Riding On The Wind
Heading Out To The Highway
Metal Gods
Breaking The Law
Desert Plains
The Ripper
Diamonds And Rust
Screaming For Vengeance
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Victim Of Changes
Living After Midnight
Hell Bent For Leather

From the December 12, Midsouth Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee broadcast (Filmed for MTV and the Judas Priest Live VHS):
The Hellion/Electric Eye
Riding On The Wind
Heading Out To The Highway
Metal Gods
Breaking The Law
Desert Plains
The Ripper
Diamonds And Rust
Devil's Child
Screaming For Vengeance
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Victim Of Changes
Living After Midnight
The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
Hell Bent For Leather


US tour support from Def Leppard, Krokus, Uriah Heep and The Rods

North American Tour release - That's Penthouse Pet Of The Year
Cheryl Rixon posing with Rob in 1982

     "...I never pretended to have girlfriends. I never went to a record-release party with a blond on my arm or that kind of stuff. I never felt that I was walking around creating a smoke screen.
     "In my youth I had girlfriends, but there was never any sexual activity. I simply wasn't sexually stimulated by women. That's just the fact of being a gay man."
- Rob Halford, The Advocate, May 12, 1998
Priest have to wait until the day before their first show to rehearse on their new stage due to its enormous size:
     "We'd seen models of the set and we knew it was going to be pretty big, but when we actually saw it the effect was totally mind-blowing. It's a miracle the road crew was able to assemble it and then take it down night after night."
- Rob Halford, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984
August 26 Stabler Arena Bethlehem, PA USA Bootleg audio exists
August 28 East Troy Alpine Valley, WI USA Bootleg audio exists
August 29 Prairie Capital Convention Center Springfield, IL USA
August 31 Civic Center Amarillo, TX USA
September 3 Country Coliseum El Paso, TX USA Bootleg audio exists
September 7 Coliseum Arena Houston, TX USA Bootleg audio exists
September 9 Corpus Christi, TX USA
September 10 Hemisfair Arena Convention Center San Antonio, TX USA Bootleg audio exists
September 11 Reunion Arena Dallas, TX USA

     "The 'Dallas Waterworks Incident' - A fan climbed up the girders and relieved himself above the stage. Whatever turns you on..."
- Rob Halford, Circus, September 30, 1984

     "Before the show, Dave Holland was almost beaten up by an irate cab driver because Dave simply asked the cab driver to take him to the backstage area and the cab driver told him that it was as far as he was going and to give him his two dollars. Dave refused, so the cab driver attempted to drag Dave out of the car. At this point, Dave got out of the cab and began to walk away, when the cab driver threw him to the ground. Luckily, a few of the local fans recognized Dave and pulled the cab driver off of him. Fortunately, that's been the only incident we've had on this tour. However, it really makes you think about this whole side of security and the problem of being vulnerable. I've always felt, though, that if it's going to happen, it's going to happen irregardless of how protected you are. We've never really had any problems with people trying to harm us - just basically that they've wanted to meet us - but you have to be realistic about the situation...It's unfortunate when you have to run from the dressing room straight to the bus and drive off...For the most part, our audiences are very well controlled, well-behaved and intelligent and they just know how far to go. However, there's always an instance when someone goes a little crazy and we have to be prepared to accept that when it happens."
- Rob Halford, Heavy Metal Times, November 1982

US support from Iron Maiden and Axe
September 14 Checkerdome St. Louis, MO USA
September 15 Municipal Auditorium Kansas City, MO USA
September 16 Lincoln, KS USA
September 17 Metrocenter Minneapolis, MN USA
September 19 Rockford, IL USA
September 21 Rosemont Horizon International Aphitheatre Chicago, IL USA Bootleg audio exists
September 22 Richfield Coliseum Cleveland, OH USA The show started late, so Axe did not play
September 23 Hara Arena Dayton, OH USA
September 25 Cobo Hall Detroit, MI USA
September 26 Wing Stadium Kalamazoo, MI USA
September 28 Huntington, IN USA
September 29 Ohio Center Columbus, OH USA
October 1 Centrum Worchester, MA USA
October 2 Madison Square Garden New York, NY USA Bootleg audio exists
     "Headlining a place like Madison Square Garden, with 20,000 fans cheering, was a rather emotional time for all of us. It was the culmination of what we had worked on for a decade. I know it's not our image to cry, but I will admit that we each had to choke back
a tear or two a couple of times that night."
- Glenn Tipton, 1984

     "I remember going to see this concert at Madison Square Garden on the World Vengeance tour and just being completely blown away, I mean, bombs were going off, not only on stage but in the crowd! Just, it was the most violent, crazy things I've ever seen in my life, and the band was awesome! And one of the more funnier moments of the night was where K.K. Downing comes walking down the steps, and when I saw the show that night, he kinda slipped! K.K. is wearing these little boots on his feet, cowboy boots or something, and he kinda goes gunk, gunk, gunk right on his ass down every step, when I saw it anyway! So afterwards, see how careful he is walking going down the steps - he walks really slow, and when you're wearing those kind of clothes, looking back on it now, it kinda makes sense that he had to walk that slow!"
- Scott Ian (guitarist for Anthrax), VH1 Rock Show, 2001

October 3 City Island Harrisburg, PA USA
October 6 Civic Center Portland, ME USA
October 7 Civic Center Providence, RI USA
October 8 Civic Center Glens Falls, NY USA
October 9 Coliseum New Haven, CT USA
October 11 Broome County Arena Binghamton, NY USA
October 12 The Spectrum Philadelphia, PA USA Bootleg audio exists
October 13 Civic Arena Pittsburgh, PA USA Bootleg audio exists
October 15 Memorial Auditorium Buffalo, NY USA
October 16 Onondaga War Memorial Syracuse, NY USA
October 17 Capital Center Landover Hills, MD USA
October 19 Baltimore Arena Baltimore, MD USA
October 20 Civic Center Salisbury, MD USA
October 21 Norfolk, VA USA
October 22 Meadowlands Arena East Rutherford, NJ USA
October 23 War Memorial Rochester, NY USA
North American support from Uriah Heep and Coney Hatch
October 24 The Arena Winnipeg Canada
October 26 Verdun Auditorium Montreal Canada Bootleg audio exists
October 28 Maple Leaf Gardens Toronto Canada
October 31 Expo Center Arlington Park Racetrack Arlington Heights Canada Bootleg audio exists
November 4 The Arena Winnipeg Canada Bootleg audio exists
November 9 Coliseum Vancouver, B.C. Canada  
November 11 Spokane Coliseum Spokane, WA USA  
November 12
November 15 Seattle Center Coliseum Seattle, WA USA  
November 16

     "I remember that Washington sold out - 18,000 seats - so we put up another show, and that sold out!"
- Glenn Tipton

November 17 Lawlor Events Center Reno, NV USA Bootleg audio exists
November 20 Cow Palace San Francisco, CA USA
     "My most memorable gig was playing with Coney Hatch, opening for Judas Priest at The Cow Palace, San Francisco - 12,000 screaming metalheads from hell!!! We take the stage and the house lights are down. All hell is breaking loose. M-1 firecrackers are going off all around me - so close, I can feel the heat from every explosion. Carl and I are getting pegged off with tennis balls and hockey pucks. The first row of kids are all giving us the finger and holding upside down crosses and pointing them at us. They loved us!! Seriously, we went down great, despite the lukewarm reception."
- Andy Curran, Meat Magazine, 1990

     "It was a very important experience for us; we really were these raw, naive Northern boys who had lots of energy but not much savvy. Watching the Priest pound out their great show night after night at such a high level of polish and consistency was a real education".
- Carl Dixon, Carl Dixon online bio, 2001

November 21 Long Beach Arena Long Beach, CA USA
November 23 Veterans Memorial Coliseum Phoenix, AZ USA
November 27 Sports Arena San Diego, CA USA
December 1 Tingley Coliseum Albuquerque, NM USA Bootleg audio exists
December 5 Cincinnati Gardens Cincinnati, OH USA Bootleg audio exists
December 9 Sunrise Theater Columbia, TN USA
December 12 Midsouth Coliseum Memphis, TN USA Filmed for MTV and the Judas Priest Live VHS
Bootleg audio exists

T-shirt from Mid South Concerts

MTV/Viacom broadcast
CBS/FOX Video VHS 1983 (US Cat. #49820-2)
CMV Enterprises Laser Disc 1983 (Japan Cat. # )
Reissued by Sony Music Entertainment VHS 1998 (US Cat. # 200810 2)
Remastered and reissued by
Sony Music Entertainment Columbia/Legacy DVD 2004
as part of the METALOGY boxset (DVD US Cat. # CVD 58397)

Produced by Judas Priest and Nocturne, Inc.
Directed by Mick Anger

The Hellion/Electric Eye
Riding On The Wind
Heading Out To The Highway
Metal Gods
Breaking The Law
Desert Plains
The Ripper
Diamonds And Rust
Devil's Child
Screaming For Vengeance
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Victim Of Changes
Living After Midnight
The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)
Hell Bent For Leather

A shorter version of the film with only 15 tracks (minus "Diamonds And Rust" and "The Green Manalishi") was also made available with different graphics:

Music Media, a division of Media Home Entertainment VHS 1984 (US Cat. #M450)
This version was reissued again on VHS by Heron Communications in 1990, but contained only 13 of the songs.

     "...We're also recording tonight's show for a possible live album Memphis!"
- Rob Halford, Judas Priest Live video, 1982
From Rob's banter during the concert, it appears the band were planning to release a live album from the tour, probably due to the great success of the studio album. While a live album never materialized (probably because it was too soon after their first live LP), a video was issued in 1983 following it's appearance on MTV's 'Saturday Night Rock Show'.
     "The show was shot entirely in Memphis, in one really long night. We kept the show set up after the audience left to shoot
inserts until 3:00 in the morning. During the shooting, after hours we were shooting K.K. in the cone of laser light when he got bored and stepped out of the cone, allowing the laser to destroy the tubes in one of our cameras. A $7,000.00 budget extra that followed me around for a few years. The show was the most requested one on MTV for more than a year..."
- Mick Anger, director
December 14 Market Square Arena Indianapolis, IN USA

     "When you're touring, you go into top gear and it's go, go, go all the way. You really don't have that much personal, private time, and we always find that when we finish a tour, for example, it takes us a good couple of weeks to really wind down - and we find ourselves leaping out of bed and running to the shower, realizing that the tour is over at that point.
     "We never, ever write on the road. We don't really find that it's the right element in which to work because you can so very easily be influenced by situations on the road which don't really make sense when you listen to an album. So, we prefer to wait until we finish a tour before we even sit down and consider writing new material."
- Rob Halford, Heavy Metal Times, November 1982

TOUR DATES 1983: World Vengeance Tour

Rob Halford - v, Glenn Tipton - g, K.K. Downing - g, Ian Hill - b, Dave Holland - d

     "Don't dress up like Rob Halford from 1983 unless you ARE Rob Halford and it IS 1983!"
- Brittney Spears, MTV Video Music Awards, 2002

SETLIST (Orange titles are from the current album)

From the May 29 US Festival broadcast:

Hellion/ Electric Eye
Riding On The Wind
Heading Out To The Highway
Metal Gods
Breaking The Law
Diamonds And Rust
Victim Of Changes
Living After Midnight
The Green Manalishi
(With The Two-Pronged Crown)
Screaming For Vengeance
You've Got Another Thing Comin'
Hell Bent For Leather

Additional US tour with support from Def Leppard
Judas Priest had planned on spending some time touring Europe and the UK, as the album was doing quite well there too, but the overwhelming response from the US fans and media, combined with strong radio and video support, was causing the album to climb the charts at incredible speed and concerts were selling out everywhere they played, so the band had to take advantage of their American success and schedule a second US leg of the tour to meet the demand. This left their own country without a tour to follow-up the album, and many angry fans who felt Priest had forsaken their British roots and loyalties.

     "The simple fact was - for the first time we did have major success and we weren't going to be stupid enough to throw it all away by coming back to the UK and losing the momentum."
- Rob Halford, HM Photo Book, 1984

January 5 Louisville Gardens Louisville, KY USA
January 9   Greenville, SC USA  
January 12 Charlotte, NC USA
January 16 Greensboro Coliseum Greensboro, NC USA
January 20 Sports Arena Toledo, OH USA
January 21 MECCA Audiotorium Milwaukee, WI USA
January 24 Lansing Civic Center Lansing, MI USA Support from Heaven
January 25 Saginaw Civic Center Saginaw, MI USA Support from Heaven
January 30   Duluth, MN USA Bootleg audio exists
January 31 Hammonds Student Center Springfield, MO USA
February 1 Convention Center Tucson, AZ USA Bootleg audio exists
February 3 Bicentennial Center   USA  
February 14 Frank Erwin Center Austin, TX USA
February 21 NBC Arena Honolulu, HI USA Bootleg audio exists
May 29 Glen Helen Regional Park San Bernardino, CA USA US Festival; Bootleg audio exists
While Judas Priest were wrapping up the tour in Hawaii, they received an invitation to appear at Steve Wozniak's (Apple Computer) US Festival on Memorial Day weekend for "Heavy Metal Day", along with other such big name acts as Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne and Van Halen.

     "We knew it was going to be the biggest day of the whole festival, simply because heavy metal fans are totally into the whole crowd scene and open-air shows. We flew into the site by helicopter from our hotel, which was ten miles away, and once we were up in the air we could see aces and acres of parked cars. Then, as we got closer, we flew over a hill and suddenly there was this overwhelming spectacle of over 300,000 people gathered in this natural amphitheatre type setting! We played a 70-minute set and the whole thing for us was the climax of what we'd achieved with Screaming For Vengeance in America. To walk out in front of that huge crowd and hear everyone sing along to 'You've Got Another Thing Comin'' was just one of the most incredible feelings you can get. It really was a great day for Judas Priest and for heavy metal."
- Rob Halford, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

     "That day was a highlight that was like the climax of the sensational tour that Priest had for SCREAMING FOR VENGEANCE beginning in 1981. The album had gone platinum, and the US Festival was just an absolutely incredible moment. To finish with that particular show at the end of that record and touring cycle was just a real validating moment. Of course, it created more stress. We were like, 'Oh, God, now we have to top this!"
- Rob Halford, SOUND OF THE BEAST, 2003

While not all are included here, over 100 dates were played on the band's longest US tour run!

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