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June 1974



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Judas Priest L-R:
K.K. Downing: Guitars
John Hinch: Drums
Bob Halford: Vocals, Harmonica
Glen Tipton: Guitars, Synthesizers, Second Vocals
Ian Hill: Bass Guitar

Management: David Corke
Agency: MAM Agency, London


One For The Road Rocka Rolla Winter
Deep Freeze Winter Retreat Cheater
Never Satisfied Run Of The Mill
Dying To Meet You Caviar And Meths

Re-issues Bonus track:
Diamonds And Rust
Mother Sun (Unreleased)

  • Released September 6th, 1974 by Gull Records (UK Cat. # GULP 1005)

  • Reissued in 1984 by RCA Corporation USA (US Cat. # AYL1-5041) with updated cover art

Produced by Rodger Bain
Engineered by Vic Smith
Recorded the last week of June and first two weeks of July 1974 at Olympic Studios, London
Mixed and mastered at Trident and Island Studios, London

"Diamonds And Rust" bonus produced by Jeffery Calvert, Geraint Hughes (aka: Max West), and Judas Priest
Engineered by Jeffery Calvert
Recorded at Morgan Studio, London, December, 1975
Drums: Alan Moore

Japanese ad for ROCKA ROLLA


  • Rocka Rolla/Never Satisfied released in August 1974 by Gull Records (Cat. # GULS 6 promo only)

  • Rocka Rolla/One For The Road/Never Satisfied 12" released by Gull Records


Sleeve Concept: John Pasche - Gull Graphics
Cover Photography: Bryce Attwell
Group Photography: Alan Johnson
Re-issue Sleeve Concept: David Howells, Cover Illustration: Mel



The original "bottlecap" cover and band logo was designed by John Pasche for Gull Graphics and photographed by Bryce Attwell. According to rock journalist Steve Gett in the official biography Heavy Duty, the cover won several graphic design awards, but the band members were not pleased at all with the look:

     "It just wasn't right for us. When I first saw it, my initial reaction was that it didn't have anything to do with how I felt as a musician."
- K.K. Downing, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

     "It simply wasn't Priest. We allowed ourselves to be influenced and maneuvered by people who suggested that it would probably open up more of a market for the band because we wouldn't immediately be stigmatized as a heavy metal group. In actual fact, it probably did us more harm than good."
- Rob Halford, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

     "That really blows, that cover - I like the Hero, Hero cover art better."
- Rob Halford, online chat, August 16, 2003

There also exists rumors that the Coca-Cola company was upset with the cover and threatened a lawsuit because it looked too similar to their own logo, and they didn't want the negative image of a heavy rock band to be associated with their product.

Perhaps the Coca-Cola threat (if even true) played a role in the first US reissues having a new cover design. Or perhaps it was simply due to Judas Priest's impact as heavy metal leaders of the era that the second cover design took on an image more appropriate to Priest's metal attack in the '80s.

Whatever the case may be, David Howells wanted a new design, so he turned to the work of artist Mel Grant. Melvyn, as he signs on his paintings, had a couple of fantasy pieces that interested Howells. A 1981 painting, THE STEEL TSAR, from the Michael Moorcock novel of the same title and year, was commissioned for the RCA reissue of ROCKA ROLLA:

     "The Steel Tsar is both the book title and the title of the artwork. The piece was commissioned originally for the book so I used the name for identification and never got 'round to renaming it, as with a lot of my artwork. David Howells asked if he could have second rights to use it on the Priest cover. Use of The Steel Tsar for ROCKA ROLLA followed on from that."
- Mel Grant, 2003

John Pasche's updated band logo from SAD WINGS OF DESTINY was also added to give the cover a more sinister metal look.

When Gull Entertainment licensed RCA Corporation of America to reissue the album in the US in 1984, they used the new packaging as a marketing strategy to draw current Judas Priest metalheads to purchase an album they may have already owned, while leaving Priest to take the blame for something they never had a hand in. The packaging continues to be used to this very day by companies like Koch Reissues, though recently, several re-release houses such as Victor Entertainment and Snapper Classics have reverted back to the bottlecap design to preserve originality and authenticity in their packaging.


Most of the CD reissues add the Gull recording of "Diamonds And Rust", which was actually recorded with drummer Alan Moore during the Sad Wings Of Destiny sessions. Given the success of the song after the band re-recorded it for Sin After Sin (the CBS Records version was a single and remains a concert classic), the Gull recording was added as a bonus in an effort to help make the Rocka Rolla reissues more attractive. The RCA Records and Victor Entertainment remasters are the only major reissues to exclude the song from their packaging.

Some of the CD reissues leave track 3 as one continuous four-song suite rather than splitting the tracks. With modern CD seek technology, the tracks are better served being assigned individually so that listeners can skip directly to the songs. Unfortunately on the reissues that do assign the tracks individually, none of them get the right break points, as in the case of the Repertoire Records reissue where "Winter" ends up being assigned to track 4 half way through the song, and though "Deep Freeze" is listed as track 4, it doesn't actually come in until track 5 where it's combined with "Winter Retreat" instead of giving "Winter retreat" it's own assignment as indicated on the sleeve. A valiant effort for such an undertaking that comes up short in the end, and Judas Priest are quick to warn that most of the reissues are sub-standard rehashes with nothing new to offer.

     "They're flooding the market with re-releases of those albums. It's the same stuff, but they keep repackaging it and presenting it in different formats. The whole thing's just a con and we really look down on that."
- Glenn Tipton, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

But they do acknowledge that the remastering of Rocka Rolla was at least a vast improvement over the original LP:

     "Somebody remastered the first two albums and the remastered version of Rocka Rolla is a hell of a lot better than the original!"
- Ian Hill, Classic Rock Revisited, January 2002

Also of note: Producer Rodger Bain went on to remix and remaster all of the Rocka Rolla tracks for the 1981 Gull Records compilation Hero, Hero. With advanced studio technology, Rodger was able to better reach his vision and improve the sound, though his arrangements on some of the songs sabotage his efforts and once again leave us without a definitive and proper remaster of Rocka Rolla...

Below is a chart of the most noted of the reissue CDs (Thanks to Chris of the Judas Priest Collector's Page for CD listings and pictures). All except for the Victor/JVC 20-Bit K2 remaster have background hiss and feature very similar audio (as they all appear to use the RCA digital remaster), with variations only in volume and EQ. A Listening Guide is provided in the chart along with personal recommendations as an aid in finding a match to your personal preference. After finding the version you want, try searching for this rare title at the Global Electronic Music Marketplace:

Label Year Catalog No. Audio Notes Packaging Notes Listening Guide/Recommendations

RCA Corporation




The copyright shows 1984, Gull Records. This is when RCA licensed the LP, but the CD was produced by RCA in 1988

Digital remaster produced by John Snyder and engineered by Joe Lopes; Executive Producer: Don Wardell
Gear: Evvo and Chris and friend Charlie. "Special thanks to all at Gull and everyone else who helped make it possible."

This is the original remaster to digital format

First issue of Melvyn's THE STEEL TSAR cover art and John Pasche's updated logo; generic back cover

No bonus tracks

BMG Distribution

Lower volume and subdued highs make for a lack of energy

Some channel echoes are missing that appear on the other releases

Inconsistent EQ - some songs are smooth while others sound raspy

There is a higher level of hiss than on the other releases

Track 3, the "Winter" suite, is the four songs with no track breaks between them

Not recommended - some later reissues have done a better job on the audio and returned to the original graphics

Repertoire Records



REP 4305-WY

Available at Amazon.com

It is unknown who produced this remaster, but it is a popular version preferred by many

Most authentic with original "bottle cap" front and the original LP back graphics

Picture disc

Bonus track Gull recording of "Diamonds And Rust"

Brighter mix with boosted upper mids and a little less bass makes for thinner sounding guitars and a harsh snare, but it retains more of a "classic" feel that sounds closest to the original

Better volume and the boosted mids help the vocals stand out a little clearer, but hiss still remains

The Winter suite is split into separate tracks, but at the wrong break points

While non of the remastered versions have done a proper job, this one is still highly recommended and is my personal favorite - it remains the most faithful in audio and packaging

Teichiku Records




Information not known at this time OBI packaging

More info and CD image pending

Review pending

Transluxe Records




Digitally mastered by Bob Fisher at Digital Domain

THE STEEL TSAR cover with different layout, logo and title style; back cover unknown

Bonus track Gull recording of "Diamonds And Rust"

Compression and scooped mids smoothes out the highs and adds better consistency from track to track, but contributes to a lack of volume and energy

Has a solid low end without getting boomy, but again, the hiss still remains

The Winter suite is split into separate tracks, but at the wrong break points

This is a good release that fixes a few issues with the original, but in doing so, it loses some of its rock n roll energy and vibe, straying further from the band's original intention. It is still recommended due to some audio improvements, but like the rest, it misses the mark of a faithful and proper remaster

Snapper Music





It is unknown who produced this remaster or if it was purchased from Repertoire, since it uses the same audio mix. but it is a popular version preferred by many

Bottle cap front cover; generic back cover

Picture disc

Bonus track Gull recording of "Diamonds And Rust"

A digipack version (SDPCD124) was reissued on Snapper Classics in 2003

Brighter mix with boosted upper mids and a little less bass makes for thinner sounding guitars and a harsh snare, but it retains more of a "classic" feel that sounds closest to the original

Better volume and the boosted mids help the vocals stand out a little clearer, but hiss still remains

The Winter suite is split into separate tracks, but at the wrong break points

Recommended, but the Repertoire release has better packaging with the same audio

Koch Reissues




Dave Nives produced this reissue

Another popular version due to its relative availability on store shelves and perceived "fuller" sound

Reissue package by Koch's Brad Wrolstad

THE STEEL TSAR cover, generic back cover

Picture disc

Bonus track Gull recording of "Diamonds And Rust"


Boosted high and low end gives lots of volume and energy, but tends to sound a bit boomy and raspy as well, plus the usual hiss still remains

Track 3, the "Winter" suite, is the four songs with no track breaks between them

I personally do not like to recommend this because it has too much of a "modernized" sound that departs too far from the vibe of the original, however, many like that "fuller" sound

Victor Entertainment




Digitally remastered using the JVC 20-Bit K2 Super Coding System with 128 times over-sampling, high resolution analog to digital converter, and down-sampling to CD without loss of low-level information

Original bottle cap graphics and detailed liner notes; back cover unknown

No bonus tracks


20-Bit K2 provides hiss-free and clearer audio without sampling distortion - allows the listener to hear ever subtle sonic nuance in the music

Very highly recommended if you have the funds and can locate a copy

June 1974: Priest begin recording their debut

With little money and high ambitions, the quintet entered three separate studios in London to record their debut album for Gull Records during the last week of June and the first two weeks of July 1974. But the studio proved to be just as hard as the road, with the band finding themselves sleeping in their van which was parked in the bad London neighborhood of Notting Hill:

     "Because of the limited funds, we were literally sleeping in the van outside the studio during the day and then going in at night when it was less expensive."
- Rob Halford, VH1 Behind The Music, September 2001

A single for  "Rocka Rolla" was released in August, but did poorly in the British charts and when the album debuted in September, dismal sales followed as well. John Hinch got a bad rap for his drumming on the album, which he blames on the tight budget and rushed schedule not affording his drum parts to be properly finished, and the guitars, which sounded heavy in the studio, were thin and shrill, while the overall result lacked punch and volume. Inexperience and intimidation from having Black Sabbath's producer at the helm only contributed to the frustration and disappointment:

     "Since it was our first record and we were working with Rodger Bain, who had done the early Black Sabbath stuff and was the so called 'heavy metal producer' at the time, we were all very intimidated and almost afraid to open our mouths."
- Rob Halford, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

     "Rodger was the record company's idea, really. They thought , 'Well if he's done Black Sabbath, he can do Judas Priest!' "
- Glenn Tipton, Revolver, September 2003

     "When we were actually in the studio, all the playbacks we heard sounded real good, but the way the songs came across on record was another story altogether. The volume was very low and I'm convinced that something went wrong with the cut, because when we were recording we played loud and hard."
- K.K. Downing, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

     "I would have to say we were very disappointed, because what we were laying down in the studio was thunderously heavy and big, but when we got it home [and listened back to it] we didn't feel like it really captured the band."
- K.K. Downing, Revolver, September 2003

     "It sounded fucking awful. Although the material we were doing wasn't bad, it turned out to be a terrible recording."
- Ian Hill, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

     "The way the record was put on vinyl makes it sound like we recorded it in a garbage can."
- Rob Halford, Judas Priest History, 1996

K.K expresses his
thoughts about the
final mix of

Hard times or not, the making of ROCKA ROLLA is listed as Rob Halford's proudest moment, K.K. agrees that his proudest moment was to finally have an album out at long last, and Ian calls the feeling of having that first album hit the shelves a landmark:

     "Even though the sound left a lot to be desired, as songs go, there were some damned good ones on the LP. I'm sure that the hardcore Priest fans can get off on things like 'Never Satisfied' and 'Cheater'."
- Rob Halford, Heavy Duty official biography, 1984

     "Your first record is always a landmark. There's nothing better than walking into a shop and seeing it on a shelf. Our first record was nothing to write home about - the production was pretty dismal - but musically, philosophically and spiritually, nothing compares with the feeling of putting out that first record."
- Ian Hill, Bass Guitar, October/November 2004


One For The Road Rocka Rolla Winter Deep Freeze Winter Retreat Cheater Never Satisfied
Run Of The Mill Dying To Meet You Caviar And Meths Diamonds And Rust Mother Sun (Unreleased)


1. One For The Road
Lead and outro: K.K.

Where would you be without music
You would be nowhere at all
We wouldn't be here doing this now
If you weren't having a ball

One for the road, sharing our load, show us the way

Can you imagine the silence
Not even the pink or white noise
Well thankfully we've got the license
To have us some fun with the boys

The melody line's fascinating
The rhythm is something divine
It sends our adrenaline racing
To see you all moving so fine

2. Rocka Rolla
Lead: K.K./Glenn/K.K./Glenn/K.K./Glenn; harmonica: Halford; outro: Glenn
Performed live in 1974 and 1975
Available live versions: THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST (BBC TV, 1975 and ELECTRIC EYE video 2003), Reading Festival (bootleg, 1975)

She's a grip and choke ya
Heavy smoker
Wrong side of the law
Midnight shady
Good time lady
Heavy, ready show you what for

Barroom fighter
Ten pint a nighter
Definite ninety-nine
Diamond cluster
Knuckle duster
Feline on the borderline

Rocka rolla woman for a rocka rolla man
You can take her if you want her
If you think you can
Rocka rolla woman for a rocka rolla man
You can take her if you want her you can

Man eating momma, steam driven hammer
Sorts the men out from the boys
Takes no messin', all in wrestlin'
Is one of her pride and joys

She a classy, flashy lassy
Imitation sapphire shine
Two-faced liar, full of fire
But I know the flame is mine

She's a grip and choke ya
Heavy smoker
Wrong side of the law
Midnight shady
Good time lady
Heavy, ready show you what for

Barroom fighter
Ten pint a nighter
Definite ninety-nine
Diamond cluster
Knuckle duster
Feline on the borderline

Rock on in, move on in a little girl

Winter Suite

The original release combined the next four songs ("Winter", "Deep Freeze", "Winter Retreat" and "Cheater") into a one-track suite, which fans have affectionately referred to as the "Winter Suite" or the "Judas Priest Opus". Many of the reissue CDs however have split them into separate tracks. It should also be noted that "Cheater" should not have been included as part of the suite, as it has nothing to do with the theme. Perhaps "Mother Sun" would have fit in nicely here instead...

3. Winter
No lead break
Performed live in: 1972
Available live versions:

Got no silver in my pockets
Got no pillow for my head
And the winter it gets stronger
Got to ease my aching head

In the morning when I wake up
Get this feeling deep inside
And I wonder if I'll die young
Or I'll go out of my mind

I still get this awful feeling
When the snow falls to the ground
It still sends my senses reeling
Knowing winter's come to town

4. Deep Freeze
Lead: K.K.
Performed live in: 1975
Available live versions: Reading Festival (bootleg, 1975)


5. Winter Retreat
No lead break

Now, winter wind fades from my face
My heart will no longer race
Sun smiling down from the sky
Melts away ice from my eye
Warmth, eases back to my soul
Bitterness shrugs then it goes...

6. Cheater
Harmonica: Halford; lead: Glenn

I got home late this evening, stumbled up the stair
I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked in the bedroom there
My woman with a man was lyin' fast asleep
I felt a rage inside me, control I couldn't keep

She was a cheater

I reached the dressing table, kicked away the door
I gripped the cold black metal, a loaded .44
By this time they're awake and they don't know what to do
I scream you cheatin' bitch here's what I think of you

You are a cheater

They both pleaded for mercy, I said no way
When you do this upon me, you have no say
I treated you so real good, and this is what you do
Oh no I've finished with you, your time is through

If you need a cheater there's nobody sweeter than this one
There's no neater, come on here and meet her

Cheater, cheater, cheater, come on and meet her...

7. Never Satisfied
Lead: K.K.
Performed live in: 1972 and by Halford in 2003

Where do we go from here
There must be something near
Changing you, changing me forever

Places changes, faces change
Life is so very strange
Changing time, changing rhyme together

There's no where else to go
This could be our last show
Changing dreams, changing schemes never

We are never satisfied

(We'll never let you go)

Love is gone, along with fun
Now we're reaching for the gun
Changing cast, changing fast, no more tether

8. Run Of The Mill
Intro lead: Glenn; main lead: K.K.

     "Listen to 'Run Of The Mill' on the ROCKA ROLLA album, when I sing 'You can't go on, can't go on". that is just an unbelievable range I can't hit now... I'm glad I got it recorded. It is real, it's not been fiddled about with knobs. It is a real human voice and I'm grateful we got it down for all time."
- Rob Halford, Metal Maniacs, May 2005

What have you achieved now you're old
Did you fulfill ambition, do as you were told

Or are you still doing the same this year
Should I give sorrow, or turn 'round and sneer

I know that the prospects weren't all that good
But they improved, and I'd have thought that you could

Have strived for that something we all have deep inside
Not let it vanish, along with your pride

Now with the aid of your new walking stick
You hobble along through society thick
And look mesmerized by the face of it all
You keep to the gutter in case you fall

I can't go on

9. Dying To Meet You
Harmony: Glenn & K.K. together; lead: K.K.

Came in this morning high on a bird's wing
Quite open minded but still quite aware
Followed the sunrise right through from dawning
Picking out landmarks that said I was there
Led to positions by stern faced leaders
Who never let one smile depart from their face

Then with an arm raise the slaughter is started
One or two crack up and start to cry
Selfishness breeds in this cesspool of sorrow
Every few moments I see a friend die
Synchronized watches flash in the sunlight
As into the battle we are all led

Killer, killer, keep your thoughts at bay
Maiming, destroying, every single day
Is this the way that you get your fun
Slaying, waylaying, in the heat of the midday sun

Get out, get out, go and do your job
Rape and pillage, squander all and rob
You make me sick, getting paid for murder
You wouldn't lay a finger on your mother, oh no
You never ever dream to hurt her

Hero, hero, you have done so well
So sit back and lick your wounds, cause you won't go to hell
Take your medal, wear it now with pride
Consolation for the pain and sin you feel inside 

10. Caviar And Meths
No lead break
Performed live in: 1972 and 1973 (Performed as a 10-20 minute plus epic finale with vocals from Al Atkins)


The original lyrics were cut from ROCKA ROLLA and released only by Al Atkins on the albums HEAVY THOUGHTS (1994) and VICTIM OF CHANGES (1998):

I've got no home
I just pretend
Building a world of troubles till the end
Out all alone
Facing the cold
Nothing comes easy not like you all turns to gold
Situations never changed
It was meant this way
Never to own
Always to strive
Just want a little piece of something in this life

Always the dreamer
Never to rise
Nothing comes my way not like you always the prize
Out on the road
Devil may care
That's the way I was meant to be - always to bear

Shooting deals chasing meals running from the wild dogs
Downtowns pretty if you know how to keep everything on a lock
Greasing wheels shining steel taking on the odd jobs
Gotta survive just to keep alive in this hot cross gun shop
Breaking laws kicking down doors gotta find a way through
Out of this place that lives off hate I was born into
City smoke seems to hurt and choke got find some room to breath
Want to be like you, want to see the views, want to taste the life of ease

Diamonds And Rust
Joan Baez
Licks: Glenn
Gull Records version demo

I'll be damned, here comes your ghost again
But that's not unusual
It's just that the moon is full
And you decided to call

And here I sit, hand on the telephone
Hearing the voice I'd known
A couple of light years ago
Headed straight for a fall

But we both know what memories can bring
They bring diamonds and rust
Yes we both know what memories can bring
They bring diamonds and rust

This version, recorded for Gull Records, differs slightly on the bridge lyrics compared to the CBS Records version.

Now I see you standing with brown leaves all around and snow in your hair
Now we're smiling out the window of the crummy hotel over Washington Square
Our breath comes in white clouds, mingles and hangs in the air
Speaking strictly for me we both could've died then and there

Now you're telling me you're not nostalgic
Then give me another word for it
You were so good with words
And at keeping things vague

Cause I need some of that vagueness now
It's all come back too clearly, yes, I love you dearly
And if you're offering me diamonds and rust, I've already paid

Mother Sun
1st lead: K.K.; 2nd lead Glenn, with K.K. joining in harmony
Performed live in: 1975
Available live versions: Reading Festival and Slough College (bootleg, 1975)

BMI work #1015035
An unreleased demo of just Glenn on acoustic guitar and Rob on vocals, the song was intended to be a Queen-type epic. Live, it was performed with the full band and featured a majestic harmony guitar intro that according to John Hinch, was originally used for the show opener "Whiskey Woman".

     "I think I'm one of only a handful of people to have heard the original studio version of Judas Priest's 'Mother Sun'".
Garry Sharpe-Young of the Rock Detector

     "I have a bootleg of that song. Maybe one day it could be done in the studio. I agree its a good tune."
- Rob Halford, online chat, August 16, 2003

     "It's up to the band whether they want to release the track 'Mother Sun' - the band never recorded it so if they do ever decide to release it they will have to record it first!"
- Jayne Andrews, Management Co-ordinator for Judas Priest, September 10, 2003

Well a good sun is pouring out her heart
To every living thing
And no one cares, but while she's there
Existence is getting you in
Yet every day, a piece of her is gone
Gone to give, never to return
So she sighs and slowly fries
Cause soon she knows she'll cease to burn

Mother, mother sun
Thank you for what you gave us
Mother, mother sun
I know that soon you'll leave
> The rays of her
> The sun will go
> The face of her
> Upon the shore
And through her eyes
This song's for the hurting sky

Recoiling in her shining self
She says she's desperately for peace
Then she knows and as anger grows
She starts to swell praying for release
So now her body blasts the sky
Every age on her face
Then there's born by each shadow
Trees reflecting into space
(She's no longer ?)

Mother please believe me
If you ever leave me
> May it never prove of use
> Sending light

Since time began
Through fall of man
Chaos has been self-inflicted
Now it's too late to talk of fate
At long last the plan has reacted
Throughout the universe harmony prevails
For every move that you make there is an equal
For all we have done
For the total of the sum
Here is the final sequel
The final sequel

Earth shall live no more
Justice will not right
Fathers must bear witness to
Destruction, destruction for all eternity

For every place that's 'neath
The falling sun
The age is over
Before their own soul ?
To redeem from a song
That brought an early Fall down
Glistening, shimmering, burning a hellfire sunset

Mother please believe me
Don't you ever leave me...

All songs published by Blue Lake Music except "Diamonds And Rust" published by Carlin Music Corp.


Rob Halford - v, K.K. Downing - g, Glenn Tipton - g, Ian Hill - b, John Hinch - d

The setlist is unknown, but the band had limited material and claim they performed ever song from the album:

     "The first album we ever released, we played everything live."
- Ian Hill, Rockline, January 16, 2002

Support from Jailbait
September 10 Arts Theater Huddersfield England  
September 12 Windsor Hall Blackburn England  
September 13 St Georges Hall Liverpool England  
September 14 Lowther Pavillion Blackpool England  
September 15 Chesford Grange Hotel Kenilworth England  
September 16 Memorial Hall Barry England  
September 18 Drill Hall Lincoln England  
September 19 Marquee London England  
September 20 Pier Hastings England  
September 22 Woodville Hall Gravesend England  
September 23 Top Hat Spennymoore England  
September 24 Winter Gardens Cleethorpes England  
September 25 Civic Hall Dunstable England  
September 27 Penthouse Scarborough England  
September 28 Leans Cliff Hall Folkestone England  
September 30 Quaintways Chester England  
October 1 Civic Theater Halifax England  
October 2 St.Andrews Hall Norwich England  
October 5 Priory Ballroom Scunthorpe England  
October 6 Barbarellas Birmingham England  
October 7 Cooks Ferry Inn London England  
October 9 Lafayette Wolverhampton England  
October 10 Civic Threater Bedford England  
October 11 Corn Exchange Devises England  
October 12 Civic Hall St.Albans England  
October 14 Queens Hall Narbeth/Carms England  
October 15 Geln Ballrooms Llanelli England  
October 16 Town Hall Swindon England  
October 17 Queens Hall Barnstable England  
October 18 Flamingo Redruth England  
October 19 Country Ballroom Taunton England  
October 23 Pavillion Celtenham England  
October 24 Polytechnic Manchester England  
October 25 City Hall Newcastle England  
October 27 Arts Theater Hull England  
October 28 Town Hall Walsal England  
October 30 Plaza Ballroom Guildford England  
November 8 76 Club Burton On Trent England  
December 28 Royal Links Pavilion Norfolk England  

Thanks go to Rock Detector Garry Sharpe-Young for providing help from his tour programs
Tour dates also from Christophe Dassy of the French Metallian website and the HEAVY DUTY official biography


Steel & Leather Productions, U.S.A.