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RJ Priest
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Cool Priest United Tour 2004 in Toronto

Saw this in the related videos on YouTube. 2004 Toronto show full video.

Very cool! This was my first Priest show. Priest were out on the Ozzfest down in the states and decided to swing up to Toronto for their first non-Ozzfest show in North America (if memory serves me right).

It was a capacity crowd at the Molson Amphitheatre and my cousin and I were way back in the 400 section.

I don't remember this video ever surfacing on the Q back in 2004. I remember that Texas Priest had an ftp where you could download music, and he had the full audio of the 2004 Toronto show shortly after it occurred. I downloaded it all those years ago and still have it burned to 2 CD's.

I remember that one of the Toronto Newspapers had a really great write-up, talking about the special vibe of the reunion show, due to Priest's final show with Halford having taking place in Toronto during 1991.
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Thanks for sharing the link
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